Save on your car insurance

How to reduce your car insurance

Car insurance is a cost we all have to incur if we want to keep driving. The costs of being uninsured are rising all of the time, and you can expect a minimum of six points on your licence along with a fine that can be as high as £5,000. Even as a fixed penalty, you will receive a minimum of six points on your licence and a £200 fine. It certainly doesn’t pay to drive without insurance, so it’s important that you do all you can to reduce your car insurance costs. Here are a few ideas to help you to keep your costs down.

Do you need to make the journey?

A remarkable amount of journeys in a car are unnecessary. You can do a lot for your health, and the environment by walking to your destination. You will be amazed at the amount of miles you can rack up by taking unnecessary journeys in your car. If you always think about the journeys you take in your car, and try to cut back on them, you can significantly change the amount of miles you drive in a year. When it comes to renewing your online car insurance, be sure to indicate the reduced number of miles you expect to drive in the following year. It should make a difference to your renewal quote.

Take a course

If you enrol in an advanced driving course, you can actually qualify for more affordable car insurance. It stands to reason that someone who has learnt to drive more safely should be rewarded with more affordable car insurance. Visit the institute of advanced motoring website to find out about the courses you could take.

Add a driver to your policy

First of all, it’s important to recognise the difference between having someone as a named driver on your policy, and asking someone to be the main person insured on a policy so that you can be a named driver. The former is a great way to potentially reduce your insurance and to allow a family member access to your car. The later is known as fronting and is considered to be a criminal action. If you use someone to front for you on a policy, your insurance will technically be void, and if you get investigated you could be liable for any damages caused if you have an accident.

Change your car

The vehicle you drive plays an enormous part in the amount of money you spend on your insurance. Insurance companies use a list that puts cars into fifty different brackets to help them to judge how to charge for your insurance. The groups are based on a number of different factors but the main points are how much it costs to repair the vehicle in question, and how likely you are to claim. A good rule of thumb though, is the faster your car goes, and the more it costs to buy, the more expensive it is going to be to insure. Visit the Thatcham website to find out more.

Compare car insurance prices

You can’t really complain about car insurance prices if you haven’t worked at finding an affordable one. You should always look to find a few different quotes, and using the price comparison sites can often save you both time and money. Don’t forget to make sure that all of the insurance policies you look at are the same. If one offers roadside recovery they all have to, otherwise they aren’t directly comparable and you won’t be able to work out which is the more affordable.

Be careful!

The number one reason why people have to pay more for their insurance is because they claim. Avoid claiming on your insurance for a couple of years and you can expect a major reduction in your insurance costs. If this means changing your driving habits then so be it. You can never account for

other road users, but if you take a little more care when out on the road, it might just make a difference!