If you're a dealer looking for new merchandise or maybe just someone looking for new furniture to put in your home then an antique auction is one of the best places you can go. At antique auctions you can buy all kinds of rare, unique, and neat items from big pieces of furniture, to small collectibles, and beautiful pieces of glassware and pottery. If you want to buy any of the great treasures, though, you're going to need to register for a bidders number.

Things You Will Need

Typically you shouldn't need any more than yourself, a valid photo ID (such as a driver's license), and your tax registration number if you're a dealer or reseller. Sometimes a credit card will be required to be placed on file, too.

Step 1

Most auction galleries will have signs or staff to direct you towards the designated registration desk or area.

Step 2

Now that you're at the registration desk you'll need to provide the clerk with the information that's required to register for a bidder's number. This is where they will ask you for your photo ID. They will sign you in with your name, address, and driver's license number and issue a bidder's number for the auction. That's it. You're ready to bid.
If you don't register for a bidder's number then you won't be allowed to bid at a live antique auction. Registering allows you to put your information on file with the auction company, so they can issue you a bid card. Once you've got your bid card you're free to bid on the treasures you've found at auction. It's easy to do and works in your favor.

Tips & Warnings

Once you have your bidder's number be careful not to lose it. If someone else picks it up and uses it you may still be held responsible for any damage done.