Lock Rekeying skills can be useful for the average homeowner or business person, with a little time and the proper materials you can rekey a variety of locks

Things You Will Need

Lock Rekeying Kit or individual components including:

A follower

A variety of bottom pins

Optional cap remover tool

Step 1

If you have just moved into a new home or lost a set of keys to your home you may be thinking about rekeying your locks. The process is pretty quick and there are several ways you can get your locks rekeyed.

The easiest way would be to call a locksmith - some locksmiths may make housecalls, these types would likely be the most expensive method of getting your locks rekeyed. Local Locksmiths may be found using the internet, but since these are usually small businesses they may or may not have a website - the local yellow pages or business pages would probably be a more thorough resource.

Locksmiths and many hardware stores will allow you to bring your locks in to be rekeyed, this can save you money since there is no housecall involved, however you will have to remove and reinstall the locks in your doors yourself. The fees for this service are generally per lock, if you have an existing key that you want the lock rekeyed to the process should not take very long and it could be done while you wait if there are only a few locks to be rekeyed.

If you are willing to rekey your locks yourself there are a variety of resources you can use to learn to rekey your locks. If you are unfamiliar with how locks work you may be uneasy about rekeying locks yourself, however, most locks are fairly simple and easy to understand - with a little research you should understand How to Rekey a Lock and be able to rekey most standard consumer locks. Some of the basic tools and materials you will need include a follower and some bottom pins.

You will most likely get these tools and materials by purchasing a lock rekeying kit. Lock rekeying kits come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs, prices can range from about ten dollars to well over a hundred dollars for a professional kit.

If you wish to find more information on rekeying locks, you should visit the lock manufacturer websites. Often these manufacturers will provide documentation on how to rekey their locks and make rekeying kits available for sale. EBay will often have a variety of lock rekeying kits available for sale. EBay and some manufacturers may also have Tools and Parts Commonly Found in Lock Rekeying Kits available for sell individually.


Tips & Warnings

Lock rekeying kits and tools are manufacturer specific. If you have components that are for one brand of locks, they may not work with other brands correctly.