You’re probably wondering why I took the time out of my day to write an article about how to relax.  I know if I were in your shoes I would be insulted, and wonder how low this author thinks my IQ is to not know how to plop on the sofa, grab some ice cream, and turn on the TV.  Wrong!  Although it may sound stupid at first, not many people in today’s society know how to relax!  Believe it or not it is true!  Here are a few ideas on how to relax.  I suggest you do at least one of these ideas every day for at least fifteen minutes.

Take a Nap: This is an old-school but still one of the most effective ways to relax.  Put everything aside for just fifteen or twenty minutes, and lie down and curl up under the covers.  Make sure everything is ready to go before you take your nap though so you don’t have to worry and be stressed about it while you’re trying to sleep.  Hand the kids off to your spouse, turn off your phone, TV, computer, etc. and just lie there in complete silence.  Try not to think about anything.  Instead, picture a blank white sheet of paper and nothing else.  After some practice you will get better and better at this method of relaxing.

Exercise: While most people would not say that exercise is relaxing, try taking a relaxing walk around the block if the weather is nice or go for a bike ride.  Don’t go running a marathon or anything, but a nice moderate paced activity will do well and hopefully take your mind off your problems. 

Listen to Music: No, I don’t mean Lady Gaga or the Black Eyed Peas.  Consider purchasing some relaxing music and put it on your mp3 player (such as one of Apple's popular iPods.)  When you get a chance during the day, go to the quietest place in the house, all by yourself, and turn on your music softly and sit there and take in every note of it.  Picture soothing thoughts in your mind such as a beautiful beach or a majestic mountain range.

Do Your Favorite Activity: Whether it be playing piano, painting, or doing a crossword just do it!  “Get into it” as much as possible.  The more you concentrate on doing your activity of choice, the more you will forget about your problems for a while.

  There are many ways to get yourself relaxed for a few minutes out of each day, but there are also just as many obstacles from doing so.  When you are trying to relax enforce a no electronics rule.  None whatsoever!  Your friend can wait another twenty minutes to talk with you on Facebook, and I’m sure you don’t want to answer another telemarketer calling anyway, so just turn them off!  It really is that easy!  Just follow one or more of the above steps at least fifteen minutes a day and watch your stress level plummet!