Face it, pain and bloating from gas happens to all of us. Sometimes it's severe. There are many reasons for gas buildup. After my third c-section, a nurse gave me the following tip to relieve post surgery gas buildup. I thought it sounded ridiculous but she was one of those nurses that patients fear, so I did as she suggested (ordered). Since then, I have used this technique when needed. 

Bloated belly


Things You Will Need

stable surface to lay on

Step 1

Lay down somewhere comfortable where movement won't be restricted. Place your legs flat on the surface below you. Expose your belly and abdominal area for easy access.

Step 2

Take your right hand and cross it over to your left side, about a hand width above your belly button. With your palm, slowly but firmly pull your hand across your body to your right side. Without removing your hand, push back to the left side. You will need to angle downwards with each pass until you reach the area right above your pubic bone. Repeat this process a few times. Our bodies have a process called peristalsis. It is essentially the movement of the intestines that pushes waste and gas along the path it should be taking. This rubbing stimulates peristalsis, as does movement of any kind. Hence, movement creates movement.

Step 3

After a few passes over your belly and abdominal area, slowly roll over onto your left side. Then roll to your right side. Repeat this at least 5 times.

Step 4

Next you will return to being flat on your back. Bend your knees and with your feet firmly on the surface you are on, slowly lift your hips towards the ceiling.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 through 4 as needed.

Tips & Warnings

Do not try this if there is a chance you will harm yourself.

If you absolutely can't find relief from gas pain, seek medical attention to rule out serious underlying health issues.