Remaining friends during and after divorce can be a difficult thing to do. This can be beneficial for you as well as, if there are children involved in the marriage relationship. Going through a divorce is the final straw of your marriage but it does not have to end your friendship.

Some of those who divorce have long term memories of marriages that were not all bad. To toss it all out as if there was no good at all, can be very hurtful. Divorce is painful enough in itself.

Things You Will Need

A level head

Step 1

Try to forget the negative moments and remember what you can of the good memories of your past together. These are the things that will get you through the proceedings and help you not be clouded by anger and resentment. Working at staying friends can actually be part of the healing process. It is a new phase of your life, but this stage doesn't have to end the relationship completely. Working it out can make you become better friends.

Step 2

Don't entangle the kids in the middle of your disagreements. It will only cause your kids to feel guilty and unhappy as well. This will cause resentment between the two of you, which you are hopefully trying to put behind you. Be mature and put your petty disagreements to rest. Remember to resolve situations that come up as quickly as possible so they don't build into an almost impossible situation to resolve. Keep communication open at all times.

Step 3

Try to resolve as much as the details of the divorce between the two of you. This will cause less work for the lawyers to work out and therefore less money to pay them. This is how you learn to work things out and remain friends during divorce, at a difficult time like this. It can be difficult to do but is worth the effort.

Step 4

Don't resort to name calling or insulting each other. It will just build big resentment between you and the two of you may never be friends after it's all over. If things get heated at some point and you say things you should not, apologize and put it behind you.

Emotions play a big part in divorces, that's for sure, but keeping positive aspects of your lives in perspective can benefit everyone involved. Remembering the good times you had as a couple and as a family can help you realize the relationship is worth keeping at another level.


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