Being Professional with People and dealing with Work Issues

Do you work at a certain part of the department in your office and have seen some middle school kind of behavior--making fun of people behind their backs, trying to break up friendships so someone will be his/her friend instead, and "practical" jokes on people who are not well liked? Such of a reality behind every environment we seem to fall onto and no matter how hard we choose to hope that somehow people you’d be working with are such to be called as already adults of no childish thoughts and behavior, well things are still a lot like similar when we’re still in school. It’s not because people already have their diplomas and licenses, personalities just doesn’t change easily over night.

Sometimes it’s a lot easier to just think that we only should go to work “to work”; to avoid any trouble or anything detrimental, so then rather just choose not to socialize with the people you work with outside work, and not go to lunch with them very often either. Just doing anything else by keeping yourself busy and enjoy the peace of having some time to yourself during breaks. Also by being friendly in the sense that you will only listen to them when they talk about their life outside work and share if they ask questions--- whilst consistently being very helpful if they come to you for assistance. But there are times when things just turn out intolerable; and based upon their actions, there’s a quite good chance that you’ll get dragged along and be compromised as well by your co-worker’s misconduct.

1. Never say anything that you wouldn't want repeated on the news. It seems that 99% of people gossip and repeat anything you tell them even when you say it’s personal and a secret.

2. If someone gossips to you, then it’s smart to keep the gossip to yourself. Just like telling something to a co-worker, “(co-worker’s name) told me this about you" just seems to hurt the other person and makes things worse. It’s usually better to talk positive about the person they are gossiping or change the subject.

3. It is probably best to not take office friendships outside work unless you're switching jobs. But when people hang out with each other outside of work, you would only just hate seeming like the odd fish out. Work is your only other place besides college to meet new people.

Well what else can we do besides that? 

If only most people could follow, they would be so much better off. The one thing you should learn is you can take office friendships outside of work. It is way better to stay to the outside for a year a watch what is going on. The best thing u can do is listen. At times it is rather good to learn about snippets of office gossips, and it’s not far less better when we choose not to spread it. It’s better to inform friends or family all about people you work and then when there is good gossip, just take it home to discuss. It gives you the same pleasure but no drama. There is some stuff you should never discuss no matter how close you are with the person who is or has the source. You can never trust anyone 100% and someone may let some of your info out on accident.

 If you are looking for another job, never tell anyone at your current job. Word tends to spread even if it was not on purpose.

Accept that most of the people you work with as "friends within reason". If you leave, you will probably not keep up with them and they may become friends with someone you did not use to like. It’s not personal; it’s just what people have to do to get by. If you don’t get invited to something, don’t take that personal either. It really doesn’t matter.

Be a team player and focus on your life outside of work. You should be able to have a light social life within your job happy hour here or there dinner when someone moves, but keep it fun and don’t get too caught up. The good thing about most jobs is when you leave; you do take 1 or 2 friends with you that you stay in contact with and usually over time without the office politics you become closer. Always remember that everyone talks behind your back. Even families do. It’s not a big deal; again just don’t get caught up. If someone is always coming to you and saying so and so was talking about you, obviously they are only instigating.

When you hear any gossip even about to start, get from around that area and just walk away. Never voice your opinion about what the others are gossiping about. If someone asks you how you feel about it just simply say “I have nothing to do with that".