First things first, you need a journal, always have a journal open with something to write with.

The Lovely Snooze Button: (this little trick will help you remember your dreams right away, tonight!)

Set your clock two or three hours from the time you would normally wake up. When you wake up, immediately write down everything you can remember from the dream, hit the snooze button, and go back to sleep. Then do it again when the alarm goes off.

Rearrange yourself to different sleeping positions you may have changed to during your sleep. If you've slept on your stomach, roll over on to you stomach and think back to your dreams, if you did not remember any, then don't think of anything, meaning, don't think of what you are going to do later in the day, do NOT try to remember your dreams, stop all voices and music that may be going on in your head, and just stare into the emptiness under your eyelids. REMEMBER NOT TO THINK OF ANYTHING! This is a type of meditation.

The Two Alarm Techniques: Set another alarm clock to play binaural beats three hours before you wake up. Set it on low volume so it doesn't wake you up.

If you're not going to use binaural beats, then use a recording of yourself (or someone else) saying, "Am I dreaming?" and repeat it continuously.

Lucid Dreaming:

Get a sticky note, or fold a piece of paper next to your alarm clock (make sure it stands out enough for you to notice if when you wake up in the morning), and write, "Am I Dreaming?". When you wake up in the morning to hit your snooze button and see this before you fall back asleep, it will most likely be remembered by your subconscious and enter your dream.

Use scents to stimulates memory, moods, emotions. Roses and wood smells are relaxing. Peppermint and rosemary improve memory and circulation. Vanilla and cinnamon is for arousal (give me five stars for telling you that). Patchouli and sandal wood gave me interesting dreams that I did not want to wake up from.

There are also stones that you can use: scolecite, diotase, malachite, and danburite are known for lucid and vivid dreaming. They vibrate certain energy that will influence you to have a lucid dream.