You looked at the clock. Once again you had forgotten about your doctor's appointment. You hated to call the office, for you had forgotten your appointment several times. However, you had been noticing that you had been forgetting other appointments, as well. You knew that the primary reason why you had been forgetting appointments was your busy lifestyle. Regardless of the reason or reasons though, you know that changes had to take place in your life, for you do not want to be viewed as being irresponsible. Below are some ways to help you to remember appointments and have a less stressed life.

Things You Will Need


Wall Calendar

Cell Phone

Step 1

Get a large wall calendar. It needs to be large enough where you can insert text, such as appointments. Hang the wall calendar in a visible spot, a place that you continually pass throughout the day. Make it a point to look at your calendar every morning.

Step 2

Set the dates and times of appointments on your cell phone. Your phone will ring to remind you of pending appointments.

Step 3

Remind yourself throughout the day using memory techniques. One way of doing this is to view your calendar every morning prior to starting to work. This is best done in a relaxed mode, when you are not in a hurry. After looking at your calendar, remind yourself throughout the day. For example, you can even post notes in key places reminding you of your appointment.

Step 4

Even though you have to pay for these services, obtain services, which include appointments phone remind, appointment confirmation, appointment plus or reminder call services.

Tips & Warnings