Acne is a problem amongst many teenagers and adults throughout the world. Many people go through very tedious methods of removing the acne such as skin therapy or different types of drugs/medicines to alleviate the amount of pimples that appear on their body. The medical industry receives billions of dollars from marketing products to sell to the general public. Here at StreamlineInfo we have an easy guide for you to lose the acne on your skin without having to spend money on products or therapy.

The best way to understand the solution to removing acne is to also understand the source of the problem.

What causes acne?

  • Hormones

Oil glands within the body expand during teenage years which increase the propensity for acne to appear.

  • Stress

Stress causes inflammatory responses in the body which causes pores to open up and create redness in the skin along with an increase of androgen's (male hormones), which increases the sizes of glands, thus more acne.

  • Poor Dietary Habits

The food you ingest has the most profound affect on how our body functions. This goes for your all around health. The sugar, salt, mono-sodium glutamate, sodas and many other artificial chemicals produce the oil that turns into a pimple.

How to Remove Acne

  • Drink More Water

The is the first most important step of all. Drinking more water will cleanse the nervous system and through time, clean your entire body of harmful bacteria. For best results you should entirely remove all cokes and other artificial drinks and only drink water.

  • Eating Healthier

Replacing your dietary habits with healthy, natural, cruciferous vegetables as well as fruits will DRAMATICALLY reduce the amount of acne on your skin. Supplying your body with the vitamins and minerals that is require to sustain your health will inevitability give you much clearer skin and a better lifestyle overall.

  • More Sleep

Finding a consistent sleeping pattern between 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep a night will help reduce the amount of inflammatory affects you would have on your skin from sleep deprivation.

A combination of these 3 methods on a consistent basis can potentially remove all of your acne all together. Making these changes will not be easy but once done, will give you a lifestyle that is only beneficial. Do not give up after the first few weeks. Stay consistent and results will come.

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