Ants can be a major pain in any home, particularly during the summer months when they are most active. They are usually enticed in by the lure of spilled food, and can be difficult to keep out. Fortunately there are plenty of ways that they can be discouraged form entering the home, and many of them don't even require pesticides.

Common pesticides and ant powders are the traditional way of removing ants from houses, although some of the chemicals used can be dangerous, particularly if you have pets or small children. There are risks from both inhaling and ingesting many insecticides in this way, although they do usually work at least moderately well on the ants as well.

More natural and eco-friendly traps and deterrents are now becoming a lot more popular in many areas. One of the more common is the glue trap, which basically attracts ants using either a pheromone scent or a food scent, and forces them to walk over a strip of glue. The ants them become stuck and after a few hours either die or are eaten by passing predators. They are limited in that the can only trap a finite amount of ants however, and arent much good if they are swarming.

The most common time of the year for ants to swarm is during their mating season when the flying males and females are leaving the nests. This usually occurs in late sumer with most species, and usually lasts a few days. The easiest way to disperse swarming ants is often to simply use hot water to scald them to death rather than using poisons. Simply boil some water in a kettle or pan, and our liberally over the area, which will kill every ant it hits. If this is hapening inside your home then you will also merely have a wet floor, rather than a floor covered in insectisides.

There are aslo natural deterrents which ants seem not to like wandering past, which include cayenne pepper, peppermint oil and vinegar. Simply leave a little of any of the above substances anywhere you see ants wandering inside and they will be discouraged from coming inside. The reason being that these chemicals disrupt the scent trails which ants use to find their way around.

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