Black heads are a major concern for many people. Not only are they unsightly but they also can leads to additional acne breakouts and whiteheads.

It is easy to get rid of blackheads with the use of a blackhead extractor. These tools can be found at most beauty supply stores and in the makeup and beauty areas of your favorite department stores and pharmacy chains. They only cost a few dollars and are a life saver to have in your makeup bag or dressing table.

One word of caution, these tools can be easy to use but also easy to misuse, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid bruising or chaffing of your skin especially around delicate areas and never use on soft tissue like the nose or around the eyes or under the jowl line.

Blackhead Extractors Are Easy to Use

Using a blackhead removal tool is easy. You will notice that the extractor has two loops, a larger one and a smaller one on opposite ends. The larger tool is used for removing white heads while the smaller is for blackheads. To use the extractor make sure that your skin is clean and has no oils, makeup or other products on it.

When you have clean, dry skin, place the stainless-steel loop over the blackhead and apply gentle but firm pressure to the tool. The loop will "bubble" the skin around the blackhead. This will open the pore up and push the blackhead out. Once the "core" is free, remove the pressure from the tool. When the skin has returned to normal, gently slide the loop over the core to remove it from your skin.

After removing a blackhead with the tool make sure that you apply a little astringent to the area with a cotton ball to help relax, refresh and clean the area. It will also eliminate the chance of infection that could occur if you applied a little too much pressure.

Blackhead Extractors are Safe When Used Properly

The use of a blackhead extractor is safe if you make sure that you are using the "open loop" style and that you keep the tool sanitized. It is also best to make sure that you are only using a blackhead removal tool that is made of stainless steel.

Never apply more pressure than you have to and always make sure that the pressure is applied evenly. Use a gentle but firm pressure and never move the extractor while pressure is being applied.

If you use the tool, and the "core" does not readily come out or does not come out fully then stop, apply something cold (an ice cube works well) to the area and wait till the area has tightened and try again after drying off the skin.

Using blackhead extractors is easy and can help keep your skin looking fabulous. The removal of blackheads is the first step toward preventing white heads and other embarrassing acne problems. You just need to be sure that you are using a tool that is safe and that will not lead to scarring.