It can be very hard to get rid of cat urine in your carpet. The odors produced by cat urine can be more complex than you may realize. Once you understand what happens to urine once it dries you will be able to get rid of it thoroughly.

One of the things which makes urine so hard to clean up is the fact that it crystallizes whenever it dries. Since urine is a liquid which flows freely down into the carpet it makes it extremely hard to remove once it dries and turns to these crystals. The size of the urine crystals are bigger than the holes in the backing which it flowed through while it was a liquid.

This is why is important to use some type of cleaner which has ingredients which will consume the urine once it has crystallized. It is impossible to simply clean dried urine out of the carpet. There are a variety of different products on the market which do a fantastic job of eliminating the odors associated with cat urine.

To effectively remove cat urine odor the cleaning product should come in direct contact with the cat urine. This means thoroughly soaking the affected area, and then stepping on the product to ensure it is forced down through the backing and on to the sub floor to come in contact with the urine. These solutions should contain detailed information on the labels on how to remove cat urine odor.

These products are often required to stay wet for a couple of days to allow them to work. If you place a fan to blow over the treated area to dry it quicker you may be doing more harm than good. After two days you may want to reapply more product depending on how severe the urine damage is.

Once the spots have dried you should be able to get down close to the carpet and smell to see if the product has worked. If it has not worked you may need to apply a second treatment. If after this treatment dries you still have an odor then you may need to call in a professional to get an opinion on whether or not the damage can be repaired.

Some extensive urine damage may require the carpeting to be removed in order to seal the floor. Urine can actually seep into a wood subfloor and even concrete. If this damage is not sealed with some type of clear sealant then you will still experience an odor emanating from the subfloor.