Looking to safely and successfully remove computer viruses? Studies show that it takes approximately 20 minutes for an unprotected computer to get infected with viruses and other malware. This guide will show you how to effectively remove any computer threat for a cleaner, safer PC experience.

Things You Will Need

Anti virus software

Step 1

Get a free anti virus or purchase your favorite. There is a common misconception about anti virus tools. People often think that anything free is worthless and does not perform a good job at cleaning malware. The reason why there are free virus tools available such as AVG and Avast! Is because they only do the job you want it to perform: To clean viruses. Commercial software have a price tag on them because they come in the form of a suite, or a complete package, and generally include spyware cleaners, firewalls and even other optional, security-related programs. But guess what? Your OS typically has a great firewall built-in, and there are many spyware cleaning programs such as Spybot: Search and Destroy.

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Step 2

Ensure your anti virus is updated. Even though your anti virus program usually updates itself automatically, some viruses go as far as preventing your anti virus program from updating their virus definition database, usually by disabling the application entirely. Make sure your tool is always performing real-time scans as well as having full access to the internet.

Step 3

Close all your programs before running a virus scan. Do not leave any programs open while your anti virus application is doing its job in order to increase its efficiency and bee able to clean everything in real time, as opposed to cleaning some left over threats once you restart your computer.

Step 4

Scan often. Schedule your anti virus scanner to perform weekly or even nightly virus scans on your hard drive. This will greatly reduce your chances of your computer ever being infected. See additional tips below for further instructions.

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Tips & Warnings

Tip: Avoid downloading anything you may find suspicious or better yet: anything you don't need.

Warning: Backup your computer files regularly to avoid loss of data due to potentially harmful computer threats.