There are times when door knob failed to function as it should. It is very uncomfortable to leave our house with a defective door knob. Therefore, one quick solution is to replace it.

It is advisable that a new door knob is already ready when the old doorknob is removed. This is to ensure the safety of your house.

The size of door knob is standard. Therefore, there should be no problem about the size that you will be buying for the new door knob. You can decide from there the kind of door knob that you would like to use.

The option that you may want to consider is the lock capabilities of your door knob, the design and the handle. Make sure you already have everything prepared.

We will now remove your door knob. What is the appropriate way to remove the door knob? There is an easy way to do that.

However, you must prepare the tools that you will need to remove door knob. You will need a screwdriver and a new door knob. Are you ready? We will now remove your old door knob.

Check out the rounded metal on the door knob. This is called the trim of the door knob. It is located in the mid of the two door knob. To better get a better view of it, it is behind the door handle. Unscrew the trim carefully. Be careful not to damage the door as you remove the trim.

When the trim is already removed, you are done with step one. We will now proceed with step two. You will see two long screws that hold the doorknob. This will be seen because trim is already removed. It is located on the right and left side of the door knob. Remove the two screws one at a time.

When the two long screws are removed, it should loosen the door knob. It can already be pulled from the door. From here, you had already successfully removed the door knob.

However, you will still see two screws positioning the door lock in place. You may remove these screws.

Most may ask how to remove door knob. It is easy to do so. The standard time frame to remove a door knob would usually take at least 15 minutes. It could be more than fifteen minutes should you encounter any problems.

Further, there is no need for any special skills to remove door knob. All it takes is to know what to unscrew. It is not hard to determine because once the trim is removed, the next screw to remove will automatically show itself.

Making your house safe is very important. Therefore, it is better to learn more on how to work on with the things around the house. Removing door knob will not be a challenge to anyone. In fact, learning it would come in handy. Who knows when you will need it?