Proceed with Caution

Safe and Effective Care

Removing one's own ear wax is a task that is frequently neglected for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, ear wax, otherwise known as cerumen, can cause a few negative issues to occur that you will want to avoid. From general hearing difficulties, as a result of your ear cannal being impacted, to discomfort, it is easy to see just how the accumulation of cerumen can become a sheer annoyance that should be addressed as soon as possible. Like any task or procedure, even something as simple as cleaning one's own wax out of their ear must be done cautiously. Gentleness must be had in order to ensure that your drum is not ruptured.

Follow the steps in this InfoBarrel article in order to learn how you can safely and effectively remove wax from your ear drum. While many have different approaches to this procedure, you will find that this method is very safe and effective.

Step #1

Discard Your Q-Tips

Q-tips, or cotton tip swab applicators, have been generally accepted as the norm or "go-to" tool when it comes to cleaning out ear wax. Interestingly enough, Q-tips themselves can be very dangerous to use and should be discarded immediately. They can be safely used for other projects, however, they should never go anywhere near your ear. Use of cotton tip swab applicators, especially in the medical community, is frowned upon highly because the insertion of any foreign objects (even if meant to help) can cause rupture of your ear drum if done incorrectly. Discard your Q-tips because you will not need them for this procedure.

Step #2

Use Baby Oil

With your head cocked to the side, and the top of your ear pulled back, you will find that your ear canal is made strait so as to facilitate easy insertion of baby oil. Be sure to instill one to two drops of baby oil into your ear. Because of the natural ingredients in baby oil, you will find that your wax gradually breaks up and it will naturally exit your ear. Instead of using Q-tips, this is the preferred method instead.

Step #3

Flush with Water

Upon waiting at least a minute for the baby oil you instilled to break up your ear wax, you will now want to flush out both the wax and the baby oil with water. In order to accomplish this, you can now instill water into your ear. Be sure that you effectively gauge the temperture of the water before you flush your ear with it. If the water you use is too hot, or too cold, it will be uncomfortable or even dangerous. The water you use should be luk-warm in temperature.

As you did when instilling your baby oil, be sure to face your ear towards the ceiling by turning your head. When your head is viewed by someone else, your head should be as close to horizontal with the ground as possible. After roughly 30 seconds, you can turn your head towards the ground so as to facilitate drainage of both the water and the baby oil.

Step #4

Apply Rubbing Alcohol

For your third solution, you will now add instill 2 to 3 drops of rubbing alcohol into your ear. Water and baby oil should not be present in your ear, so instilling rubbing alcohol can help to facilitate the complete removal of each.

Step #5

Repeat Steps on Other Ear

Now that you have had practice cleaning either your left or right ear, you will want to repeat these steps on your other ear. Rather than use Q-tips to clean your canal, be sure to use this InfoBarrel article in order to safely and effectively remove your wax.