Many women experience facial hair at some point in their lives. Facial hair in women is not only annoying and embarrassing, but it can also make a woman feel less attractive. There are many causes of facial hair in women. The causes of facial hair in women can vary. Many women with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS) have facial hair. Regardless of the reason, women who have facial hair usually want one thing, which is the facial hair gone. There are many ways to remove facial hair in women. Some of the ways to remove facial hair in women are great, but most of the ways to remove facial hair in women aren't permanent.

Waxing (either warm or cold) is a popular option for women who want to remove facial hair. A woman can buy waxing kits at many online retailers for discretion purposes, or if discretion is not a worry then a woman can also find waxing kits at many mass merchandise stores or pharmacies in the health and beauty isle. Another option for a woman is to make an appointment to get their facial hair removed by professional waxing at a salon. The results from waxing to remove facial hair are great, but not permanent. Waxing usually keeps facial hair from growing back for about 4 weeks, but of course this depends upon the thickness of a woman's facial hair. Waxing can be painful and can cause mild irritation and redness, but this option is very popular for many women looking to remove their facial hair.

Another form of removing facial hair in women is by tweezing. Tweezing is a good option for women who have minimal facial hair. Tweezing is not the best option for women with excessive facial hair, since tweezing only allows one hair at a time to be removed. Tweezing to remove facial hair in women can cause mild irritation and can be a bit painful as well.

Threading is another form of removing facial hair in women. Threading is done by taking a piece of thread and holding it with the thumb and index finger of both hands. The thread is then glided across the facial hair. The thread is supposed to catch the facial hair and pull the facial hair out by the root. The threading method may not be very effective for some women. Using the threading method to remove facial hair may cause pain, redness, and irritation.

Another method used to remove facial hair in women is by using a hair removing pad kit. Hair removing pad kits are sold under various different names and brands. These hair removing pads are highly effective for myself, but there have also been women who find that this method of removing facial hair does not work. Facial hair in women is a very common problem, and shaving can cause stubble and quick re-growth. The methods mentioned above are an alternative to shaving, and can work very well for some women.

Some women may find that simply bleaching their facial hair will make it less noticeable. Bleaching kits are found at online retailers and in health and beauty sections of mass merchandise stores nation wide. Just because a woman has facial hair does not mean that she is less of a woman, or less beautiful. Hormone imbalances are the likely cause of facial hair in a woman, and by speaking to a doctor, a woman may find the cause and possibly a solution for their facial hair problem.