Removing your fingerprints is not a way to avoid being caught for a crime anymore since DNA is now so accurate and can be obtained from almost anything. Knowing how to remove fingerprints though can be entertaining.

Things You Will Need



Liquid latex

Scalpel or exacto knife

Sandpaper or pumice stone


Step 1

Wear gloves. This is probably the most common fingerprint removal method.

Your fingerprint can bleed through latex gloves, especially newer brands which are very thin to allow doctors, nurses, etc. to retain their sense of touch. Thicker gloves aren't much better when used to remove fingerprints. Most will develop a distinguishing cracking pattern as they break-in around your hand. This can still be traced.

Step 2

Use super glue across the fingertip.

For a fingerprint to be identified a certain number of points need to match between the fingerprints(in the US there is no set number though most analysts have their own number). Super glue can disrupt the points and make the fingerprint look different or at least unidentifiable. Removing the glue can be difficult but will happen gradually as your fingers shed dead skin.

Step 3

Make a latex copy of your fingerprints.

Dissect the pieces of the latex copy and re-glue them using superglue to your real fingertip out of order. This will give you a fingerprint that appears real, but will not match your own when removed.

Step 4

Sand fingerprints off using sandpaper or a pumice stone.

This can be a little painful for some, but you will mostly be scraping off dead skin cells. Many will not feel any pain at all from this.

Step 5

Use Capecitabine for removing fingerprints.

Capecitabine is used as a cancer treatment for breast cancer as well as various other cancers. The side effects include inflammation of the palms and this can cause skin to crack and peel. Ulcers and blisters are also common from Capecitabine, which can make a fingerprint unidentifiable. This can take quite a while though as the peeling is only layer by layer and will eventually remove fingerprints.

Tips & Warnings

Again, this is not a way to hide from a crime. Your DNA will still be present with all these methods, your print will just be gone.