Remove Grease Ring From Washer Tub

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Removing grease stains from washer tub is often a challenge for many. Using bleach does not work. On the other hand, abrasive products and pads can leave scratches and marks on the tub. Fortunately, there are products, some of which you might already have at home, which you can use effectively to remove grease stains from washers without damaging the tub.  

Things you’ll need to remove grease stains from washer tub: 

  • Shout
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Krud Kutter
  • Simple Green
  • Rags
  • Warm Water

1. Remove grease stains from washer tub with Shout stain remover. Besides removing stains on clothes, Shout will also remove grease and grime from your washer tub. Simply spray Shout directly on the stains in the tub. Wait a couple of minutes then wipe off with a rag. A cloth with texture, like terry cloth, works better. You can also spray Shout directly on the cloth and then wipe off the grease. You might need to apply Shout to the cloth multiple times, using different areas of the rag. 

2. Clean your washer tub with Scrubbing Bubbles. Bubbles is not just for the bathroom. It generally loosens grease and grime so that all you have to do is wipe off the grease and grime. Apply Scrubbing Bubbles to the affected area. Wipe off with a dry rag. Rinse the rag in warm water and wipe the area again to remove any residue left in the tub.

3. Consider Krud Kutter when cleaning your washer tub. You can find this product in  stores such Lowes and Home Depot. Spray the product directly on the stain. Using a terry cloth, work on the stain using circular motions. Once you remove the stain, rinse the rag in clean warm water. Ring off excess water and wipe the tub to remove any residue. 

4. Don’t forget Simple Green when cleaning your washer tub. According to the product label, this all-purpose cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable. It has a fresh-smelling scent. Unlike Krud Kutter, it does not smell like chemicals. Spray Simple Green directly on the grease stains in the washer tub. Wait a few minutes. Wipe with a clean, dry rag.  

Removing grease stains and grime from washer tub does not have to be a hassle. The procedure generally takes about five minutes or less. Products such as Shout stain remover, Scrubbing Bubbles, Krud Kutter and Simple Green can help you remove grease stains from your washer tub without scratching it or consuming too much of your time. 

Optional, although not necessary, run the rinse cycle in your washing machine after removing the grease stains. Use the small load setting. This will ensure that the tub is free of any chemicals and product residue. It will also eliminate the possibility damaging your clothes if any residue is left in the tub. 

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