Grease spatters that are found on kitchen walls (stoves, countertops, etc.) can be easily cleaned with vinegar. There is no need to dilute the vinegar it can go straight from the bottle, to a rag, and onto the wall. Vinegar will cut through the grease with little effort so there isn't even much scrubbing that has to be done. It is safe to use on most common wall surfaces.

Grease isn't the only thing that you can remove from the walls. Use vinegar as part of your regular wall cleaning routine to keep the daily grime that comes with cooking and working in the home under control. It can be used on the walls, baseboards, and backsplashes in all areas of the home. I mention the kitchen walls just because that is where you get the most buildup of grease.

Vinegar is becoming a very popular cleaning product. It is cheap, non-toxic, organic, and works as well (if not better) than most store bought cleaning products. It not only cleans but removes odors that can be hard to get rid of. You can pick up a gallon for just a couple of bucks which will last for quite awhile. Many cleaning tasks use a vinegar and water mix which will stretch your cleaning budget even more.

Keeping a spray bottle of straight vinegar and one of a vinegar and water mix will make cleaning a snap. Mark the bottles so you know which is which and whenever you need a quick cleanup you will have what you need on hand. Cleaning messes as they occur, rather than waiting until the task is overwhelming, is a good way to keep the house in great shape all the time.

The next time you need to get rid of grease that is on you walls give vinegar a shot and see if you like the results.

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