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The most common way to remove mucus from a baby's nose is to use a bulb syringe. However, for some babies, the sucking sound and the suction itself can cause a great deal of discomfort. This discomfort or fear causes the baby to cry out and move around, making suctioning the nose mucus nearly impossible. For the child who is uncomfortable having his nose suctioned, there are other alternatives for clearing the breathing passage.

Warm Cloth Method

  • Take a clean washcloth and run it under warm water. Squeeze all the excess water from the washcloth and feel it to make sure it is warm but not hot. You do not want to burn the baby.
  • Cradle her in your arms, making sure that you secure her head. Gently place the warm cloth over her nose for about 5 seconds. Make sure you keep the mouth clear from of the cloth. Repeat this another 5 seconds, until the mucus softens.
  • Gently move the cloth over the nose from side to side helping the mucus loosen inside the nasal passages. He is probably very uncomfortable so the gentle side-by-side motion, coupled with the warm steam will help lessen the nasal discomfort.
  • Look to see where the mucus or snot is lodged; by now, it should be nice and soft because of the steam. Take a Q-tip and remove the lodged snot/mucus gently. Pretend you are playing a game with him and tell him he has to be very still. If you are afraid to put the Q-tip in his nose, then just use the washcloth. It can easily be twisted to form the shape of a Q-tip. You can also cover the Q-tip with the washcloth before inserting it into the child's nose. Always safety first!  Check with your pediatrician if you have any questions at all about this process.
  • Wipe her nose clean from the snot residue.

baby bath (39410)Warm Bath Method

  • Run a warm bath for your baby. Make sure you test the temperature to ensure that it is not too hot.
  • Wash him as you normally would. Also, wash his face like you normally would. The warm bath water will naturally get her nose running so it is easier to use a washcloth or a Q-tip to remove the snot/mucus once you remove her from the bathtub.
  • Some people advocate using saline solution, however, you should not have to put any solution up his nose to get the mucus to dislodge. Natural steam from either a washcloth or a bath will do the job just fine.

For snots or mucus that is very high up in the nasal passage, use the washcloth or bath steam method before using the bulb syringe. It makes the suction process much faster and easier, causing your child less discomfort.

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