As you can imagine hallways that are repeatedly flooded with hundreds and perhaps thousands of kids are bound to get dirty and possibly even damaged at times. One of the most common culprits are the small streaks left behind from sneakers as they trample each other down the halls between classes. Well here today I am gonna share some tips from my experience as a custodian that will help you remove shoe scuff marks from tile and specifically school floors.

Tennis Ball for removing shoe scuff marksCredit: Wikimedia commons

The most common and perhaps the easiest way that I have seen people go about removing these pesky little streaks is using the simplest of sporting accessories. I am talking about using a standard green tennis ball. It is really simple in that all you pretty much have to do is to cut small slashes on one end and stick it on the end of a broom handle. Then it is just a matter of applying pressure and using it in the same fashion as an eraser over the tile floor.

Now while the tennis ball treatment may work very well when it comes to removing shoe scuff marks from the tiles of school floors there are other quicker options. You won't be able to walk around with a broom handle throughout your daily tasks. That is where you can either decide to wear your own shoes with white bottoms that can be used to rub out the scuffs. If that doesn't seem like a good option then you could purchase one of the larger white erasers that works just as well.

You need to be real careful when it comes to removing these little streaks with chemicals. I say that from experience because what works on certain floor tiles and types of wax may not do so well on other kinds. Our school uses only environmentally safe chemicals and even the wax used on the floor is environmentally safe. That is a good thing but it also means that it isn't as strong as what was used in the past.

I had somebody give me a tip that they swore worked wonders and it took the wax off of the floor. It was something as simple as mixing up some water with baking soda and scrubbing off the shoe scuffs and pencil marks. It got the stains up alright but it left strips on the floor where there is no longer any wax. The same idea goes for the other ideas of using chemicals like lighter fluid, WD-40 and forms of hand cleaners.

That brief passage above reminds me of another real useful tip when it comes to removing shoe scuff marks from school floor tiles. Before you go to use anything for the first time it is always a good idea to test it on a small sample area that is generally out of sight. If you do this and it does mess up the flooring at least it will be somewhere that won't get noticed by other people. There is nothing worse than somebody like a principal or an even higher administrator noticing bad spots throughout the school.