Removing spyware from your computer can be a challenge. Spyware is a program that installs itself on your computer and hides out. Primarily they are activated when you open a browser or when you do a web search. They bring up advertisements and can drastically slow down your computer. There are many programs you can use to remove spyware from your computer, and following these steps you can use them safely.

Things You Will Need

*Some spyware on your computer
*To install antispyware programs
*External drive to backup any important files such as documents or pictures.

Step 1

Many spyware programs install themselves in the system files area of your computer. Some replace system files completely. Removing these kinds of spyware programs can be treacherous and you should never do it without backing up your important files first. It's not that hard, just copy them to an external drive.

Step 2

Among the most popular list are: Ashampoo, SUPERAnitSpyware, Spybot-S&D. Antivirus programs like Norton also sell internet antispyware add-ons that will scan for spyware. It's important to note that while these programs can work, it can be very difficult to remove spyware once it is on and has infected your system. These programs therefore run all the time once installed to protect a computer from becoming infected.

Step 3

This one sounds simple but many people allow multiple toolbars to be installed to their internet browser. This can cause programs to track your internet usage and to bring up advertisements when you do searches on the internet.


Tips & Warnings

*Always back up your important files regularly, even if your computer doesn't have spyware or viruses.
*If your really afraid to clean off spyware or viruses, take it to someone who can help you do it.