Remove Both Hard and Soft Pulls From Your Report

If you have inquires on your credit report that you did not approve or authorize, take the necessary steps to remove them before they cause more damage to your credit profile. Your credit can deeply affect your life and ultimately your life’s success. If you have too many credit inquiries, you will have a difficult time dealing with creditors and loan guarantors who may perceive doing business with you as being too risky.  Falsely reported credit inquires can cause inaccuracies in your debt/income ration thereby making it even more difficult for creditors to find you a suitable candidate for loans. It is definitely to your benefit to remove those unauthorized inquiries from your credit report post haste.  Though it can take a while to receive your report, the sooner to request it, the sooner you can receive it and get started with your removal requests.

Request Your Credit Reports from Each of the Major Credit Bureaus

Request three separate reports from each of the major bureaus. You can send them a letter using the addresses provided below or you can visit their website and fill out the appropriate form. Do not ask for the consolidated report as this kind of report sometimescredit cards(41236) misses very important information. Check out the inquiries section of the credit report. Decide if the inquiries listed are considered‘hard’ pulls or ‘soft’ pulls. You are most likely to have hard pulls if you have applied for a loan or credit. These hard pulls will have great effects on your credit. On the other hand, soft pulls will appear on your credit report if you have pulled your own credit or if a creditor pulls your credit and for preapproved offers. Soft pulls do not have a negative effects on your credit.

Identify the Inquiries that You Want to Remove

Have the contact numbers or addresses of the companies that had inquiries on your credit report. If inquiries do not include any address, you can call the credit bureau for this information. You should find their contact information from the credit report. These days, as mentioned before, most of the bureaus have online access, so you may be able to do this online. You will be instructed of your options once you visit their webpage.

Send Letters to these Companies

You can now start sending letters of inquiry to these companies to ask them to remove the unauthorized inquiry from your credit report. You just need to include your name, address and the request so that they can send you proof of authorization. As with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a company can only have one inquiry per credit report. If these companies refuse to remove the inquiry, you do have legal options.

Deal With the Credit Bureaus Directly

In some cases, if you are not dealing with a reputable company, you may have creditors or companies who do not respond to your letter of inquiry. In these cases, before you take legal action, it is best to deal directly with the credit bureau.  Most often, when dealing with a reputable establishment, you will get a response. If you have already sent letters to the companies and find no response from them in 30 days, then they are obviously ignoring your letter. You can ask credit reporting agencies and credit bureau to help on this matter. The company is engaging in Willful Non-Compliance.

Credit Reporting Agencies

When dealing with the credit bureaus directly, just treat it like a normal dispute. You should mention in your dispute letter that you have already sent requests to certain companies and some have not responded. The dispute forms can be used along with your credit reports. Again, you should receive dispute directions when you receive copies of your credit reports, and you can also receive dispute instructions online at each of their websites. For your information, the addresses of the credit bureaus are below:

TransUnion LLC
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022
Phone #: 800-888-4213

Equifax Credit Information Services, Inc.
Equifax Credit Information Services Inc.
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA
Phone #: 800-685-1111

P.O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013
Phone #: 888-397-3742



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