In no time at all it seems it will be bathing suit season once again and men and women alike will be scrambling for ways to remove that unwanted hair. Well, if you are one of those people here is natural product I like to use and that works fast and effectively for most people that I know.

This product is one you may have seen if you are one of the many who happen to be up late enough to catch those infomercials or you may have even seen it on the shelf at the store or heard your friends talking about it. Nads hair removal products are the products that I am referring to and typically when you purchase a package of their hair removal gel it will come complete with instructions as well as a handy dandy cleansing wipe, applicator and the product itself.

If you can't find Nad's on your stores shelves you can visit their site to find out what stores in your area do carry their natural removal products or you can often just order directly online.

Things You Will Need

Nads Hair Removal Gel
30 minutes

Step 1

Using the Product:

To start you want to make sure that the room in which you will be working in is not too hot or too cold. Too hot and you will find that it will cause the gel to become too runny and messy, too cold and you will discover that it will cause it to become too thick which will make it difficult to apply properly.

If the gel does become too cold and thick it can be easily be microwaved for a few seconds (no more than 15) to help thin it out so that it can be used and applied evenly. Be careful when microwaving the gel though because hot gel can cause really serious burns to your skin. You definitely want to use caution and pay attention to what you are doing if you heat it up and always test it before spreading it on to ensure that it is not too hot.

If your product becomes to warm and runny you can simply pop it into the fridge for a few seconds or cool down the room until it slightly thickens.

Step 2

Find a room that will suit your needs. Usually this process is going to be easier to do in an area such as the bathroom. This can help to prevent or limit any messy clean up and it also helps if you don't have to walk through the house when the time comes to rinse it off and it may help prevent any unwanted disruptions if your bathroom comes with a lock.

Step 3

For your next step you will need to thoroughly clean the entire area where you want to remove the unwanted hair. You can do this by using the cleansing wipe that is or should be provided with your Nads gel package and then proceed by drying off the entire cleansed area. If you do not have your cleansing wipe some all natural mild soap and water will work as well.

Step 4

Using an applicator spread the gel over the entire strip sized area where you want to remove unwanted hair growth in a thin even coat going in the same direction as the hairs growth. (i.e. on the legs hair typically grows downwards so the gel would be spread in a downward motion)

Step 5

Place the hair removal strip over the gel and then either using the side of your hand or your fingers smooth the strip on a few times going in the same direction as you applied the gel to ensure a proper adhesion.

Step 6

Using your non-dominant hand pull the skin tight in preparation of removing the strip. Then to remove the unwanted hair grasp the strip using your free hand and pull opposite of the direction of growth. (i.e. for legs pull upwards)

Repeat this process over the entire desired area until removed.

Step 7

Remove any leftover gel with warm water and finish up with your own soothing method or Nad's also offers products that can be used after to help soothe the skin after the hair removal process.

Step 8

Removing Hair from more Sensitive Areas:

To remove in the bikini area: For the Bikini line you want to apply the hair removal gel downward at a slight angle going towards your inner thigh area and then remove going upwards at a slight outward angle.

To remove unwanted hair in the armpits:

For armpits: hair growth is often a 50/50 split as far as direction and you only want to work on 50% at a time. For the top 50% of your armpit hair you want to angle up when applying the gel and remove strip at a downward angle and you do the opposite for the bottom 50% so to remove unwanted hair from the bottom half apply the gel in a downward action and remove strip in an upward motion.


Tips & Warnings