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Windows System Suite is a sophisticated and malicious software that pops up suddenly and immediately starts scanning your computer very quickly while flashing red alerts all over your screen and can scare the you know what out of you wondering what they heck you did wrong! It then shows many scary viruses via lists that your computer suddenly has that aren't real.


The main purpose of Windows System Suite doing this to your computer is to force you to purchase their spyware. What a very sneaky way to get business, surely they should be able to market better. I can't imagine anyone that would want to buy a product from a company that chooses this deceitful way to get new customers. There are other dangerous malware systems that could pop up suddenly if you happen to open a dangerous email or search a bad site. This was trial and error for me when it first happened so I hope it will help you to deal with the problem sooner. Follow these steps to remove this software as soon as it appears to be attacking your computer.

Things You'll Need:

Awareness and Understanding of malware


Antispyware software

Tips to remove Windows System Suite

Step 1

As long as you already have a spy ware program installed on your computer, the first thing to do when Windows System Suite covers your entire computer screen is relax. You're really much smarter than a computer and you can beat this software!

Step 2

Once you recognize that this is just another spy ware program that wants you to purchase it, try to close it. The emphasis here is to TRY to close it. It's persistent and probably will not close. It starts to wreak havoc with multiple pop-ups warning that your computer is in danger. This is a real problem for the novice computer person that doesn't understand this software's real mission – to get you so scared and nervous that you think you really have all these damaged files and you better buy this spyware now. Don't do it! Even if you need spyware, this one is not recommended at all.

Step 3

You can then try to delete it but, it will override everything else. It's really pretty sophisticated and you gotta appreciate how smart they were to create it, although it's pretty unethical too.

Step 4

Try to minimize it by using that small dash at the top right of your screen long enough for you to check your current spy ware software to make sure it states that it's all working correctly. Chances are pretty darn good that your own spyware is working exactly as it should be and this is a good way to realize that Windows System Suite is a scam.

Step 5

As long as everything else is working properly, the best choice to remove Windows System Suite is to restore your computer to an earlier time of the day before the spy ware reared it's ugly head.

Step 6

To restore your computer to an earlier time of day: Click the start key, programs, accessories, system tools and then system restore.

Step 7

Choose a time earlier in the day preferably just before it showed up which is usually just 10 or 15 minutes ago. Click system restore and wait for your computer to do the rest. All your files will be saved and the malicious spy ware will be removed. You won't lose any of your valuable information and it will just get rid of that ugly spyware/malware.

Step 8

Restart your computer and run your own spyware to make sure that the software is definitely gone. Malware bytes anti malware is a reliable software system that I use and love and you probably will too if you do need virus protection. You'll get a code to download and start using it immediately. Norton is also a very reliable name. The cost of spyware is well worth the computer protection you'll get.


In the future, you'll be able to set your anti malware to run every night with a quick scan that takes fifteen to twenty minutes or you can also do the longer version full scan which can take an hour or longer.


Tips & Warnings

  • Contacting support will take at least 48 hours to reach anyone and the spyware could damage your computer in that time. Do a system restore instead.

  • It cannot be deleted easily without restoring the computer.

  • Stay calm as long as you know you have other spy ware protection.

  • Restoring to an earlier time can always be undone if a mistake has been made.

  • Trying to search/google 'remove Windows System Suite' will only bring up other spy ware programs that want you to purchase theirs as well, then you'll have two to delete.

  • System restore should work equally well to remove other malware that could pop up similarly on your pc.

  • Share this with anyone not very familiar with computers and make sure they install anti malware on their computer.

  • In the rare instance that a system restore still doesn't remove this malware, I've been told that a hard drive reformatting was suggested and all files would then be removed. Before doing this, take your pc to a Best Buy or similar computer expert and have someone else try to remove this and all other malicious software.

Let us know in the comments below if you've tried these tips to keep your computer running smoothly and thanks for reading.

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