When I was about 15, I remember someone telling me that I needed to make sure I removed my makeup every night or I would look 60 by the time I was 30. I didn't really believe her (and it was a bit of an exaggeration) but since then I have become convinced of the importance of removing my makeup each night. But how to go about it? Mascara never comes off, foundation never seems to come off the jawline. Here are some quick steps to make sure you get your face squeaky clean every night.

  • Make sure you choose your face wash based on your skin type. If cleansers dry out your skin, make sure you get a moisturizing face wash or cleansing oil. This will prevent you from undoing any good the makeup removal would do by drying out your skin. If you have oily skin, use a foaming face wash that will remove the oil.
  • Waterproof mascara is its own special case. If you use waterproof mascara regularly, invest in a cleanser specifically formulated for that purpose.Makeup remover
  • Removing foundation is easy with a makeup removing cream. Put it on a clean cotton pad and wipe the entire face, all the way up to the hairline and down to the jawline.
  • Make sure to remove lipstick. Vaseline will usually take off waterproof lipsticks.
  • Wash off any lotions or creams used to remove makeup with a clean cleanser. Pat dry.
  • You shouldn't need to wash your face again in the morning, but if you have a oily sheen on your face the next morning, use warm water to get rid of the oil. This way, you avoid over-drying your skin with too much soap (but don't have to look greasy and gross).
Consistently taking off your makeup before bed will keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant every morning for years to come.