How to Remove a Broken Doorknob That's Jammed(48081)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Do you need to know how to remove a doorknob? Mine kept jamming and I feared I'd end up trapped in my own bedroom. If you need to remove a doorknob yourself quickly and cheaply instead of waiting for a repairman, this article tells how, in layman's terms. Once you've removed the doorknob, bring it to the hardware store to find one that matches. Note: this method renders your old doorknob unusable so you'll need to buy a new one. So if you want to learn how to remove a jammed doorknob, read on.

Things you'll need:

    * Screwdrivers (mine needed a 2/8 inch flat head and a standard sized Phillips head)
    * Hammer
    * Pliers
    * Safety goggles

How to Remove a Broken Doorknob That's JammedCredit: Amberdawn 2011Use your flat head screwdriver to pry the flat door knob plate from your door. (I don't know the technical terms for everything, so refer to the photos!) Work slowly and carefully to avoid marring your door. There should be small openings where you can get the head of the screwdriver in for leverage.

Look for a hole on the flat door knob plate. Attempt to unscrew this.

How to Remove a Broken Doorknob That's Jammed(48079)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Resort to the pliers if the screw does not budge. On my doorknob it was so old and stripped that I could not unscrew it. Grasp the flat plate you pried away between the pliers, and carefully pull it back and downward to reveal screws underneath. Keep prying until you can get at those screws with a screwdriver.

Unscrew the top and bottom screws that are under the flat plate. I needed the Phillips head for the screws in my door. This side of the door knob will soon come right out. In fact, depending on how loose it is, you might want to be ready to catch it. If it's not loose you should be able to pull it out.


How to Remove a Broken Doorknob That's Jammed(48080)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Pry the other side of the door knob plate just like in step one. This knob should come right out too at this point.



How to Remove a Broken Doorknob That's Jammed(48082)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Remove the inner mechanism. You'll notice that all that's left is the insides: the stuff that makes the door latch shut. This part was a little tricky to get out. Position your hammer as close to the end (on the inside) as you can. You will obviously not be able to get a direct hit. Gently tap with the hammer to loosen the piece. You do NOT want to bang it hard, because that will loosen the gap in the door so much that a new door knob will not fit in right. Your goal here is just to loosen it a little. Work as slowly as you need to.

How to Remove a Broken Doorknob That's Jammed(48083)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Pry the piece on the other side of the door using the back end of the hammer. Once again, work slowly. You want to loosen it enough to get it out, but you don't want to overdo it or it'll be too widened for the new mechanism to sit in snugly. Alternate between this step and the above step until you can work it all the way out. And that's it! That's all you need to know to learn how to remove a jammed doorknob. Remember to bring it with you to the hardware store. Your new doorknob will come with instructions on how to install it. Good luck.


Use care when prying in all steps. Always position yourself and your hands so that if something suddenly gives way, you don't end up with a screwdriver in your eye, or impaling your hand with the pliers.