Hickeys are extremely unprofessional-looking, but whether acquired accidentally or on purpose, at one time almost everyone gets one or more hickeys! Removing a hickey is as difficult as removing a bruise, which is what they are. If you have tried previously to remove a hickey with the comb and ice trick, or a cold spoon, and it did not work, take heart. There is a safe, simple inexpensive way to get rid of a hickey fast -- in fact, overnight. These remedies are extremely effective. 

The miracle cure for hickeys is an herb called arnica montana, which grows wild in mountainous regions. While you don't want to take this internally, it is a fantastic remedy not only for hickeys, but also for any bumps or bruises to reduce the appearance, pain and swelling. It works in just hours and is amazingly effective.A woman's neck with a hickey and a necklaceCredit: Public Domain

What You Will Need

  • Arnica homeopathic pellets (I recommend the Boiron brand), OR
  • Arnica gel or cream (again, I have tested the Boiron brand)
  • Loose arnica (I used this to heal the bruising associated with a broken toe, acquired in a horse accident)

I have used all three of these methods, and they all are safe and effective. Which method will work best for you depends on your own preferences and how quickly you need to mark to fade.

Method 1

Using Homeopathic Pellets

If you are using the arnica homeopathic pellets, follow the directions on the package. Normally you will take 5 pills per dose. The arnica homeopathic pellets work best when they are placed under the tongue and left to dissolve. The arnica homeopathic pellets do not taste bad; in fact, they taste just like a sugar pill and contain only a very minute amount of arnica.
This worked perfectly for me when I badly injured my knee. An hour after taking it, I had no more pain, even though I had to walk three miles home!
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Whether you use this to treat inflammation, a bruise, or some other injury, arnica pellets are easy to carry in your purse or pocket, or keep in the car for emergencies. I couldn't get by without them!

Method 2

Using Arnica Cream or Gel

If you are using the arnica cream or arnica gel, simply apply the arnica cream or arnica gel to the area around and on the hickey. Wait for the time directed on the tube of cream or gel. You should see a marked improvement in the area within an hour; usually with this treatment the hickey will be gone in two or three applications, or be so faint that the hickey can be easily covered.
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I keep the gel at home in the medicine cabinet for all the bumps and bruises that I acquire without noticing. Within hours they are healed!

Method 3

Using Loose Arnica

If you are using loose arnica, simply heat some water and make a tea from it (but do not drink it!). Soak a cotton cloth or cotton pad in the tea, and place the cotton cloth or pad over the hickey. Check in 30 minutes; repeat until all trace of the hickey is gone. You should reheat the water if another application is necessary as the warmth will open up the blood flow around the hickey.
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Remember, never take arnica internally.

Within hours you should see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the mark. If you use this treatment overnight it is almost sure to be unremarkable in appearance by morning. You should always keep a supply of arnica on hand, because in addition to being useful for removing hickeys, you can use it on bruises to help the bruises heal much faster than if you leave the bruise untreated.

Tips & Warnings

Never drink an infusion of arnica or take arnica internally, except for the homeopathic pills. Arnica is safe for external use but can cause problems when taken internally.