Shortly after my thirteenth birthday, my first wart appeared. My mother is a nurse so she had me go to the doctor and have it burnt off with liquid nitrogen. I kept making trips to see the physician every month to have the thing burnt off again and again. But the thing just wouldn't die.I thought that everybody got warts and that removing a wart would be a piece of cake. Removing warts is quite the long and painful method.

Initially, my doctor tried liquid nitrogen. Several other warts would pop up roughly where the earliest virus was. The main part of the wart would be removed, but it would in turn spawn new occurrences of the wart in the region of the earliest virus. When the virus got going again instead of the one growth in the centre, there would be three about the old wart's perimeter.I had a vicious growth taking up my hole fingertip on my left thumb and I could really feel it sucking my will to live.

In addition to the mother-ship wart, I had maybe between ten and twenty other growths that were speckled all over my two hands. I would keep my hands in the sleeves of my sweaters to hide them from people. The extremities of the body house the most nerve endings, so freezing my growth off the end of my thumb was the most excruciating experience I have ever had to bear.

Next, my general practitioner had me treat myself at home with a white ointment that in essence drowned the skin the growth lived in. The hurting associated with this method was less powerful than the liquid nitrogen but lasted much longer. The growth on the end of my finger would throb with pain for weeks and I thought it would never end. When it was time for the bandages to come off, it looked as if my thumb had been in a tub for five days. It was now my task to pick off all the dead skin. I took an emery board to my allegedly dead thumb growth until I shaved off two or three centimetres of the infection. By the time I thought I had finished, my thumb was hurting notably and pretty bloody. The infection had totally taken over my thumb all the way down to the bone.

My next step was to go see a dermatologist. Getting a meeting was difficult and took a long time so my growth grew back to its previous state. He applied a brown liquid that was meant to cause an allergic response and alert my bodies defenses to the affected spot. It was a crazy retort. My thumb swelled right up and began burning with pain. My finger swelled to a remarkable size and I swore this would be the last treatment I did. Needless to say, my body didn't do anything to resolve the growth problem. At this point, I never thought that I would find a product to eradicate a wart.

My mother suggested I try the duct tape occlusion therapy. It ended up being so bloody and agonizing that I couldn't go on. I tried rubbing banana peel on my thumb to see if that would make it go away but no luck. The most incredible thing I tried to remove a wart was rubbing an old dirty cloth on the part and burying it under a full moon. Believe it or not, that didn't work either.

No matter what I tried I couldn't get rid of this virus. Until I found "No More Moles, Warts, or Skin Tags" by Chris Gibson.I was sitting on the sofa one morning watching awful daytime TV when I heard the word "wart" on one of the channels. The A Channel morning show had some guy named Chris on discussing about his new process to get rid of warts.

Obviously, having attempted everything western medicine could throw at me, I was a bit doubtful. It seemed everybody that had purchased it had benefited from it in some way. It was difficult to find a bad review but they did exist. Often people complained that their skin was loose and wrinkled afterward. That seemed like a small price to pay for extracting a two inch tumor.

I purchased the book because it was so economical and just about everyone that had used it seemed to like it.This damn system took care of my disgusting thumb growth in three days flat. I had only tried it on the biggest growth on my thumb but I was very impressed with the speed at which it worked. The part that previously had the wart was a little wrinkled and couldn't feel much but the feeling came back and the flesh filled out below the skin. As the wart had developed so large, it had stretched the skin around it. I noticed a couple wrinkles around where the growth used to be but they have since disappeared and my thumb is as it was years ago. I instantly got to work on the other smaller warts.

So Chris' technique is, in my mind, without a doubt the least disturbing and most valuable means of getting rid of warts, anywhere. I really don't know where I would be without him. I can talk to girls without having my hands in my sleeves and have been given the liberty to wear short sleeved shirts. I never thought that I would be getting rid of my warts and it completely blew me away when I finally did.