Spyware and adware can become serious problems for most computer users, and often times they can sneak into your computer system. Several weeks ago I made the mistake of visiting a site which claimed to have streaming video of a television show. Unfortunately, after clicking on the video, I was asked to download something which was a toolbar, which caused adware. It was deceptive in that it appeared you had to download this program to view the television show video. Unfortunately, it downloaded something known as the GamingHarbor toolbar. While it was my choice to download this, it definitely became quite the annoying thing, as this toolbar is almost like spyware or malware. It continuously pops up new tabs or windows on the browser you're using. In my case it was Firefox, and I found myself constantly shutting down new internet windows and clearing out the cookies. Perhaps you have this issue now, so I'll give you some helpful tricks and tips to uninstall GamingHarbor so you won't have to deal with its adware or spyware issues.

If you have this annoyance installed on Firefox, then this article may help you learn how to get rid of Gamingharbor Toolbar. First, on Firefox you'll want to check your Add-ons under the "Tools" menu option. If there's one for GamingHarbor, disable and remove that one. You'll also want to clear your cache and cookies just to be safe. A lot of spyware will leave cookies in your Firefox internet browser. Next, you'll want to go to your control panel for your computer to "Add/Remove" programs. From there you can remove and uninstall GamingHarbor. I'd also recommend you download and use these free programs to be safe: Spybot Search & Destroy, Lavasoft Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition, CCleaner, and Malbytes Anti-Malware. Each of these are free and serve different purposes to help clean up and optimize your computer. The first two, Spybot and Lavasoft are great free anti-spyware downloads that will remove spyware or adware from your computer. Malbytes Anti-Malware will remove any vicious malware that may have snuck into your computer files or registry. CCleaner will do a thorough search to clean up any registry or other file troubles. I ran all of these programs as well as my computer's anti-virus software, Kaspersky 2009 to make sure I cleaned up all the garbage on the PC. It's a good idea to run these programs regularly anyways.

One other thing I found was that my Home page on Firefox internet browser had been reset, possibly by GamingHarbor or Adware of some sort. Every time I opened Firefox it opened a separate tab with one of the GamingHarbor pop-up sites on my browser. To fix this, I simply went to the Tools, Options menu, chose the "Main" button and erased the URL that was in there. I replaced it with my homepage of choice, google.com. After closing and restarting Firefox, I no longer have the GamingHarbor issue. Hope this helps anyone else who may have encountered this problem!