Colorado License PlateWe all have to renew our license plates every year. Now, it just got easier. You can do it in only a few minutes if you are a Colorado resident. I am sure other states have the same option as well, so check into it.

What you will need:

* Internet Access

* Your renewal card or if you lost it, you just need your license plate number to get started.

What to do:

1. Log onto

2. Read the information about the small administration fee that will be charged. If you use a credit card or debit card, you will be charged a 2.25% fee, but if you use your checking account, you will only be charged a $1 flat rate.

3. This system will not renew expired registrations, so take care of this before your grace period is up.

4. Click on the "Start Renewal" button.

5. Enter your license plate number

6. Check yes or no, depending on if your current mailing address matches the address on your registration. If it doesn't, you will need to enter your current address.

7. Enter the make, year, and last 6 numbers of your vin. Then click continue.

8. Checkout. Choose your payment option and save money by using an electronic check.

9. Enter payment info and finish checkout. Now, just wait to get your new tags in the mail. It's that easy.