Many of us like to watch movies, but what many do not realize is that you do not always have to pay with your hard earned cash to rent a movie. Many people often forget or simply do not know that they can rent a movie in their community for up to seven to ten days, while keeping their money and wallets in their pockets. Some may call free movie rental from your local library common sense, while others, like myself, have been oblivious to the concept for 35 years. Some things in life truly are free while being fun for the entire family.

Things You Will Need

library card

Step 1

First you will need a personal library card from your local library. Getting a personal library card is as easy as getting a bonus card at your local grocery store or super market. For the most part, while attempting to get a library card, you will only need photo id. Becoming the owner of personal library card does not cost any money and has a more than one benefit. Most public libraries have movies in stock the same as they have books and magazines. Free movie rental is at most of our fingertips. Some local, public library's may charge a movie rental fee, so be sure to ask the desk clerk or librarian the movie rental protocol before checking out with your movies or books. Many libraries have websites which list the content of the library online, including movies and books. You may be able to see which movies are not checked out at the time you wish to rent a free movie, before actually going to the library.

Step 2

Rent Free Movies

While in your local, public library check out the movie selection. You may have to be pointed in the right direction, especially if you have a very large library in your community. A lot of the time, if the library does not have the movie you would like to see they will order it from another library and call you when it comes in with no added fees. Depending on your local library, you can most likely have the movie(s) rented out for the same length of time that you have a book out. This means that you could rent a movie free of charge for five to ten days, and you most likely will not have to pay for this splurge of visual entertainment, depending on your library, of course.

Step 3

Finally return the movie to the library in a timely fashion to avoid late fees or charges. Another reason for returning a free rented movie to the public library promptly is so that the movie is in it's place for the next viewer who would like rent the movie for free and enjoy is just as you have.

Tips & Warnings

Have fun watching your movie selection.