Blemishes and scratches on your prized vehicle can make you cringe with distain.  These scratches happen in parking lots, at home, or at the office.  The thing is no matter where you get it there are a few ways to determine how bad it is and if either you can do it or to call a scratch repair professional to handle it for you.

There are three different scratches, light, medium, and deep, that will determine what you can do to with each.

The first step is to determine which scratch you have. Take your finger nail, place it on the vehicle surface, and then move your finger nail across the affected area in a slow even motion.

Did you hear anything?

If not, you are in luck. You most likely have a light scratch that will come out with polishing. You will need a 3” polishing wheel that you can pick up at most auto supply shops. This wheel can be attached to most cordless drills.  You will also need a microfiber towel and polish. Put a couple of drops of polish on the polishing wheel, place on the affected area, and slowly move in a circular rotation.  When finished wipe and wax.

If you heard a slight clicking noise you have a clear coat or medium scratch.  This will require you to color sand the surface to remove the grove(s) from the clear coat. You will need 2000-3000 grit sandpaper. Wet the sandpaper and gently sand the surface in a back and forth motion. Do not sand in a circle! Wipe with your microfiber towel and then repeat the polishing procedure from above.

Now if you heard a loud click when moving your finger nail across the affected area you have a deep scratch.  This will require you to purchase a scratch repair kit to fill in the deep grove.  Follow the instructions on the kit you purchase to repair this scratch. Finish up with a wax and shine.

Note: Key scratches will not come out with any of these procedures above. Do to the nature of this scratch the panel will have to be painted at a body shop.