When you use a natural material like granite for your countertops, a problem is bound to arise at some point. That's because the kitchen is one of your most heavily used rooms. On top of that, if you love to cook, chances are your counters are getting a real workout. So what do you do if you spot a crack in your granite countertop? Certainly the idea of pulling out the section of granite and replacing it is not cost-effective, not to mention a highly disruptive. The good news is that cracks, nicks and chips in your granite countertop can be repaired in as little as 15 minutes with a repair kit.

Things You Will Need

Granite repair kit, masking tape, sandpaper, soft cloth

Step 1

Place masking tape around the fissure. Lightly sand the surface of the granite inside masked-off area.

Step 2

Squeeze the acrylic gel along the fissure line, using a syringe. Use the blue curing light to cure the acrylic gel until it's completely hard. It takes around 30 minutes. This blue curing light is the same technology dentists use to do in office teeth whitening. The whitening gel is placed on the teeth and then blue light is aimed at the teeth to speed up the whitening of the tooth enamel.

Step 3

Sand the hard acrylic gel with fine sandpaper until it's flush with the surrounding granite surface.

Step 4

Apply the polish paste over the acrylic mend and rub until the finish matches the surrounding granite countertop.

Granite countertops are heavy and nearly impossible to cut out a section and replace it. For small cracks the best and easiest solution is an in place repair done with a simple, inexpensive kit. Plus there isn't any down time as there would be it you were having an entire section of countertop replaced. No dust, no mess, no moving out of your kitchen while a contractor does a reinstallation.

Tips & Warnings

The acrylic mend is non-toxic, so food can safely come in contact with it.

When you spot a small crack in your granite countertop, look underneath the counter and check to see if it needs shimming so it's evenly supported when weight is placed on top of it.