It can be extremely uncomfortable depending on where you live driving around on a hot summer or cold winter day when the AC/Heater blower motor is not working. Without the air conditioning blowing cool air in the summer you can find yourself feeling like you could die from heat stroke if it got any hotter in the car. The opposite is true in the winter when you need warm air from the cars heater to keep you warm. Either case can make for a less than enjoyable driving experience. Replacing the AC/Heater blower motor can seem like an impossible task for the average car owner but it is a relatively straight forward car repair. The following information applies to replacing the blower motor in a Jeep Grand Cherokee but it is easily adapted to other makes and models of cars and trucks.

 Things you will need

 Replacement motor, Phillips head screwdriver, wrench to remove the battery cable

 Step One

 Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. This is important to prevent injury from the airbag accidently deploying. The airbag is armed and can inflate anytime you work near it. It is also important to wait at least 2 minutes after disconnecting the battery cable because the airbag has a back up capacitor that must be fully discharged.

 Step Two

 Jeep Blower Electrical ConnectorCredit: JHKerseyThe blower motor is located below the instrument panel near the glove box. Disconnect the blower motor electrical connector from the blower motor housing.


 Step Three

 Remove the three blower motor mounting screws.

 Step Four

 Jeep Blower Motor and FanCredit: JHKerseyRemove the blower motor housing. The fan is attached to the motor and they are removed as a unit. Note that some replacement units come complete with the housing, motor and fan as one unit and can be installed right out of the box. Others come with only the motor. If your replacement is the motor only, after removing the housing, detach the fan retainer clip from the motor shaft and remove the fan from the old motor. Next remove the two small screws at the bottom of the housing and remove the old motor.

 Step Five

 Installation is basically the reverse. Place the motor into the housing and secure it with the two small screws. Next, slip the blower fan onto the new motor shaft and secure it with the retainer clip.

 Step Six

 Put the blower motor housing back in place under the dash making sure that the seal is in place and install the three mounting screws. Reconnect the electrical connector.

 Step Seven

 Reconnect the battery cable and test the blower operation.


 Auto repair can seem like an impossible task for the average car owner. However, replacing the AC/heater blower motor a relatively straight forward car repair that can be accomplished with minimal tools and experience. For other Jeep related articles please see my other articles here on Infobarrel or check out my website at for a complete listing.

 Tips and Warnings

 As noted above, the airbag is armed and can deploy accidently causing physical injury anytime work is done near it. Always disconnect the negative battery cable and wait at least 2 minutes before replacing the blower motor.


Jeep Blower Electrical Connector
Credit: JHKersey
Jeep Blower Motor and Fan
Credit: JHKersey