Damaged Mercedes GrilleCredit: JHKerseyReplacing the front hood grille on a Mercedes C240 is a relatively simple, straight forward task. Today, even a minor front end collision can cause severe damage to the grille. In addition, airborne debris can wear the paint and chrome or cause cracks and other damage creating the need to replace it. Fortunately, the grille parts for a Mercedes C240 are readily available online from a number of reputable suppliers at a much lower price than at the Mercedes dealership. Keep in mind however, if you do purchase a replacement grille from an online supplier, be sure to review any comments and their satisfaction rating prior to ordering. Today’s modern cars with their computers and other high tech components can make auto repair can seem like an impossible task for the average car owner. However, replacing the front hood grille is an easy car repair. It requires only the removal of a few bolts/screws to remove the old grille and installing the new one is simply the reverse.

 Things You’ll Need

 Replacement grill, Socket wrench and sockets, flat blade screwdriver, needle nose pliers

 Step One

 Raise the hood and locate the retaining bolts along the inside edge of the grill.

 Step Two


Removing Bolts/ScrewsCredit: JHKersey

Using the appropriate size socket, remove the bolts and retain them to install the new grille. Lift the old grille away from the hood. It is that simple.



Step Three

 Removing Clips with Needle Nose PliersCredit: JHKerseyThe new grille may not come with the bolt/screw clips needed to install it. If it does not it will be necessary to remove the clips from the old grille and place them on the new one. This is done by carefully prying the clips off using the flat blade screwdriver and the needle nose pliers. After you have removed the clips, place the new grill on a counter or work bench and attach the clips. Be sure to place a towel or some other protection between the new grill and the work surface to protect it from scratches

 Step Four

 Locate the new grill on the hood making sure the hood opening lever is sticking out between the blades of the grill. Next, replace the bolts/screws you removed in step two above. After tightening the bolts/screws, close the hood and your Mercedes grill will look like it did the day you drove it off the lot at the dealership.


 Auto repair can seem like an impossible task for the average car owner. However, replacing the front hood grill on a Mercedes C240 is a relatively straight forward car repair that can be accomplished with minimal tools and experience.

 Tips and Warnings

 Always review an online suppliers comments and satisfaction rating. Also take into account the shipping and handling fees when price comparing suppliers as cost do vary from supplier to supplier.