Changing a front turn signal in a Chevy Uplander minivan yourself saves money by avoiding the cost of an automotive repair shop.  Chevrolet engineers certainly did not make changing a front turn signal easy when they designed the Uplander.  With the larger truck-like front-end in the Uplander, it seems there is more space than previous GM minivans, but access to change the turn signal light is difficult.  Replacement of the front turn signal requires removal of the headlight assembly on the Uplander.

Uplander hood release latchCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

Steps for Replacing the Chevy Uplander Turn Signal Light

1. Make sure the vehicle is off and cooled down after running.  Open the front hood, but releasing the hood latch.  Locate the hood release latch for the Uplander by the left leg of the driver.

Uplander headlight release latchCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

2.  Find the built-in headlight release latch.  The latch looks like an Allen wrench, built into the top of the headlight assembly.  Pull the latch away from the holder and turn it up to release the headlight.

remove Chevy headlight boltsCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

3.  Loosen and remove the holding the headlight to the frame.  This requires a 10mm wrench.  Loosen and remove the bolts, saving them for later.

4. Pull the headlight assembly away from the vehicle.  The plastic headlight unit can sometimes get stuck to the side of the front fender or the seal can stick, but it will loosen if you apply a little pressure.  Carefully pull it out away from the vehicle, but do not pull the lighting wiring too much.

Front turn signal lampCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

5.  Access is now available to the turn signal light socket.  Twist the light socket to release it from the turn signal bracket.    The lower, front facing signal lamp is below the headlight assembly.  The side, turn signal lamp is located in the headlight assembly on the outside.

6.  Remove the old lamp by pulling it out away from the base.

Uplander replacement turn signal lightCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

7.  Replace the Uplander turn signal lamp.  As the Uplander service manual states, the standard light for a front turn signal is the 3157-NA or 3157-NAK. 

bayonet style light bulb socketCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas

8. This bulb has a bayonet style socket.  Pull the light bulb out of the socket by pulling it away from the base.  Insert the new light bulb and push until it is seated in the bayonet socket.

9.  Insert the turn signal base back into the front assembly.  Place the headlight assembly back into place and insert the bolts and tighten with a 10mm wrench.  Lock the headlight release lever back into place.  Test the front turn signal by turning on the hazard lights and turning on the front turn signal. 

Successful replacement of the Uplander front turn signal lamp

Uplander turn signal lamp onCredit: Allen-DouglasCredit: Allen-Douglas