A humidifier pad, also sometimes referred to as a filter, is something that should be regularly replaced for all kinds of humidifiers.

If you buy a brand new humidifier, this would come with a pad that would need replacing yearly or whenever you feel like it needs to be replaced.

This is especially true in cases wherein hard water is being used to operate the machine. The thing with these pads is that they tend to accumulate white dust and other residues from the water such as minerals.

These particles could then be misted onto the air and enter the lung if you were to breathe them in. The after effects include various respiratory problems as well as allergies.

Another good reason for you to change the humidifier pad is the fact that for your home humidifier to function properly, it needs a clean pad to do its job.

There are people who find that their humidifiers tend to break down constantly and blame it on the quality of the machine but it could also be because of unchanged and dirty pads that have long needed replacing.

Some households would change theirs once a year whilst there are those that would do this every 6 months. I recommend that you do the change once every 6 months in order to keep the air in your home clean and refreshing to breathe in. This applies to all humidifiers in general especially if you use them on a day to day basis.

As for the actual replacement process, this would only take a few minutes for anyone to do. First, you would need to loosen the thumbscrews and lift the cover off. This should be pretty easy once the screws are undone.

Next, you simply remove the humidifier pad assembly which you can basically unsnap without much trouble and just ease in the new pad. Just put the cover and the screws back in place and you're done.

As for the pads, you can them from many heating and air-conditioning retailers. There you have it, I hope you found this useful and informative so that the next time you change the pads; you can do it quicker and easier.

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