Using random lay carpet tile is a quick and affordable way to dress up a room.  These tiles have a peel and stick backing on them that makes them easy to install, and work well in high traffic areas and come in a lot of different random patterns.

But much like any other carpeting, they can become stained or damaged, and now you are faced with the same problems that full carpeted rooms have, but with one advantage.  You can remove these and replace them.

Yes, they are glued down with a peel and stick backing, but they are not that hard to get off the floor if you need to.

But before you go down that road, here are a few things you can try to repair or clean your carpet.

Using a regular carpet cleaner is the first step if you have a stain on them.  If the stain has just occurred, then you should soak up as much as you can of the liquid and then using a gentle carpet cleaner and gentle blotting (do not rub) you can try and remove the stain.

This works well in most cases.  If you end up spot cleaning the tile, then it wouldn’t hurt to give the entire room a quick once over with a spray carpet cleaner to freshen up the carpet.  Don’t use a steam cleaner as this can leave the carpet too wet as these are not that thick.

But if you have ended up with a permanent stain or a cut in the tile, then the best way to repair these is to remove the ruined ones and replace with new ones.  If you go colourful like the picture this can be fun.

Start by getting down on the carpet and trying to find the seams.  Once you know where the seams are (you will need good lighting for this) take the edge of a utility knife and start lifting the edge of the offending tile on all sides, being careful not to disturb the adjoining ones.

Once you have the edges lifted, then you can slide a metal ruler or something similar underneath to get some leverage and pry it off the floor.

Once you have the offending tile or tiles off the floor, you will now need to make sure that the floor underneath is clean.  Take a vacuum and get all the little bits of dust and s
ticky bits off the floor. 

Now take some new tiles and fit them into the same spot. Random Lay Carpet TilesCredit:

This is one thing to remember when you are purchasing your tiles, that you need to buy extra for those “just in case” moments.  Since these tiles are perfect for high traffic areas, chances are you will need to replace a tile or two over its lifetime.  The best part about these random lay carpet tiles is that they look like a solid full carpet when laid down properly, and they are affordable.

When the time comes to remove them, they can be levered off one at a time.  These are a great way to cover a hallway or entrance way, or kids playroom and they are pretty tough to staining.  Just don’t forget to buy extra, you just never know when you will need them. 

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lay them anyway you like.