Rear View MirrorThe summer sun and heat can cause the adhesive that holds a rear view mirror on the car windshield to fail and the mirror fall off. Hopefully it doesn't happen when you are driving because it could be a distraction. The car repair to fix the problem is easy. This article will guide you through the process.

Things You Will Need

Special mirror adhesive kit, Goof Off or similar cleaner to remove the old glue residue, Paper towels, Marking pen, Phillips or star head screwdriver or Allen wrench depending on mirror

Step 1

Disconnect the electrical connector if the mirror is equipped with automatic day/night or other features.

Step 2

On the outside of the windshield, mark the spot where the mirror was located. This is necessary because when you clean old glue from the area on the inside of the windshield you will not know exactly where to place the mirror

Step 3

Remove the set screw that holds the mirror to the small metal button. This button is what is actually glued to the windshield. Most vehicles use a small Phillips screw but some use a star or Allen wrench type screw. Slide the mirror off the button.

Step 4

Goof Off

Use the Goof Off or other similar cleaner to remove the old glue residue from the inside of the windshield and from the metal button you removed in step three above. A blade scraper may be used to remove the majority of the old glue.

Step 5

Glue the button to the windshield following the directions on the mirror adhesive kit and allow it to bond overnight before attaching the mirror.

Step 6

Attach the mirror by slipping the mirror over the button and securing it using the set screw. Attach the electrical connector if equipped.

Summer sun and heat can cause the adhesive that holds rear view mirrors on car windshields to fail and the mirrors to fall off. The fix is easy so even if you are not an experienced mechanic, you can make the repair without much effort or expense.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure the glass and the support button are thoroughly clean prior to gluing the button to the windshield.