Skuttle recommends to replace a high-efficiency air filter media at least once a year.  In many cases, if there is excess dust or dirt in the building, the filter media will need changed every 6 months.  This is particularly true when there is construction inside the building.  Replacement of the filter media will keep the whole house HVAC operating at the normal air flow and improve the air quality of the home. 

Finding the right filter media for a Skuttle air cleaner

Finding the right size of filter media with the right rating is important for keeping the Skuttle air cleaning system working correctly with the HVAC system.  This task, however, it typically very easy and should be something that most homeowners can do themselves.  A service call and replacement filter typically will cost $80 to $150 depending on your location.  Even the highest grade filtration replacements cost less than $40 so there is a premium for a professional to install the part.  Some HEPA filters for a Skuttle system are available for under $30.

Look at the air cleaner unit for the replacement filter media recommendation

Skuttle replacement air filter media
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Record the information about the model number and replacement part numbers from the face of the Skuttle air filtration box.  It will state "Replacement media part number".  It also lists the Skuttle model number.  The manual may also list the part number, but typically the best way to get the information is directly from the front of the filtration box.

Skuttle air filter
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Order a Skuttle air filter replacement

Order the furnace replacement air filter.  One of the most important steps of matching up the air filter is to find a replacement with the same actual dimensions.  Most filter media is listed with a size which has dimensions in inches, rounded to the nearest whole number.  Even small difference will may make the filter very hard to insert into its place in the furnace box.  The filter also will list the "actual" dimensions.  This is what the replacement should match.  In addition, match the MERV rating of the filter.  MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating range is from 1 to 16.  A MERV rating higher than 7 usually translates to HEPA quality.  Keep in mind that the higher the MERV rating, typically the more resistive the air flow is through the filter.  Sometimes it is OK to bump up the filter MERV rating, but the airflow may need checked by a professional.

Shut off the system at the thermostat.  Open the release on the filter door and remove the old filter.  Discard the old filter properly. 

Skuttle air filter direction
Credit: Allen-Douglas

Install the air filtration replacement correctly

Line up the new media by paying attention to the direction arrow on the new filter. Push the filter all the way into the housing.  Shut the door and lock it into place. Turn on the thermostat, starting the HVAC system.