Many modern vacuum cleaners come with advanced HEPA air filters that help filter out allergens, dust, and debris while vacuuming. Dyson’s DC18 vacuum is no exception as it features a bag less canister and a cleanable HEPA unit.  Every month or so you’ll want to clean the filter off and over time you’ll want to replace the HEPA filter if you notice tearing in the filter itself.


First you will need to turn off the vacuum and unplug it. Look for the canister release on the canister handle and press it once. Carefully life the canister up off the Dyson by it’s handle. Hold the canister over a trash can and press the release button to gently shake the debris out into the trash can. 


Next, carefully look inside the canister compartment where the canister was located for the filter compartment. The filter itself is round and on the bottom of the canister compartment. Locate a small pull tab on the top of the filter and pull it straight up to remove the HEPA filter. A Dyson DC18 uses washable HEPA filters


Gently shake the filter over a trash can and then soak it in cool water for a few minutes. After this, allow it to fully dry before replacing it into the canister compartment. If you notice any tearing or excessive wear on the filter you will need to replace it.


Purchase a new HEPA filter for the Dyson DC18 which has a part number of 911685-01. You can usually find these replacement filters at official Dyson sellers, department stores, online, and at home repair stores. 


Insert the new filter in the compartment in the bottom of the compartment making sure the pull tab of the filter is facing upwards. Make sure the filter is placed flush in the bottom of the vacuum canister compartment.


Replace the canister and make sure it clicks back into place. Run the vacuum to test the new filter. If there is a lot of dust coming out of the vacuum, the filter needs to be adjusted. Also if the suction of the vacuum seems decreased, check the make sure there are no blockages under the filter and that the filter is placed with the plastic pull tab facing upwards. 


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