iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement Steps

An iPhone 4 posseses an amazing case, nevertheless if you’re like our founder and you also dropped your iPhone 4 breaking the glass of the rear panel, here’s how to fix it very easily. You’ll need a couple of tools, but the procedure should not require more than a half-hour when you have the appropriate parts. This can also be a neat technique to change up your iPhone if you opt to order a rear panel that is clear or metal so that you can observe the internal parts of the iPhone or have something totally different. Here’s the way to lift off the rear panel and place on a new panel.

Necessary Tools: Phillips #00 Screwdriver (if iPhone has external Phillips screws) or 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver (if iPhone has external pentalobe screws). This is simply because Apple changed the kind of screws at a point so you would need the appropriate screwdriver to remove the various type of screws. Also, you will need a iPhone 4 Rear Glass Panel.

7 Basic Steps to Replace the Back Panel:
1. Confirm that your warranty is still valid. If you choose to remove and restore your rear panel, Apple has the right to void your current warranty. If your current warranty is valid, you can take your phone to Apple for the no cost repair.
2. Turn off your iPhone 4.
3. Take off the two 3.6 Phillips Screws near the Dock Connector.
4. Cautiously push the back panel toward the top side of your iPhone. The rear panel should just move approximately 2mm.
5. Take off the back panel from the iPhone 4.
6. Insert the brand new panel on.
7. To close up the protective case, simply follow these directions in reverse.

There are many excellent modification cases that we've used many times to assist our customers. To apply a unique mod rear panel, you would simply obtain a brand new back panel other than the original iPhone 4 back panel and subsequently follow the steps to take off the old back cover. The one disclaimer is that if you open up the rear cover, it would void your warranty in case you have valid warranty. We usually put the genuine case we purchased from iFixit, but our favorite mod protection cases are the clear view panel through the iFixit web site and the metal back panel coming from cnn.cn (a Hong Kong OEM company). Having said that, we've heard that the metal can affect your radio signals. We have not verified this to be true, but you should keep in mind if you choose to use the metal backing.