Repurposed Furniture

If you could use a console table in your hallway, and want something a little different, or you like to repurpose furniture into something new, then using cheap kitchen tables or old dining room ones for this project work well.   If you need just a spot to put mail and keys and maybe even a lamp, but yet still look good, then check out this project, it might be just for you.

  The easiest way to get a console table for the hallway is to take a cheap kitchen,dining, or end table that has the ability to insert leaves to make it bigger. This way the table is already pretty well in half. Otherwise you are faced with cutting it in half, which can be done too, but this way is easier!

If you have a such a table that has seen better days, or missing a leg or broken, and you want to at least recycle part of it, then open it out and pick the best half (hopefully the side with 2 good legs!). Now laying it down on a floor cloth, unscrew all the hardware on this half of the table that held the leaves etc.

Once you have done that, you should be left with a half piece with 2 legs.

Now figure out where in your entry way you can put this up against the wall. (It will be basically a table against the wall with two legs for support, these look really cool).

Repurposed FurnitureCredit: diane palmer

Now take a 2 x 2 inch piece of wood and finding the studs in the wall, screw this into the wall at a height that will allow the edge of the table to sit directly onto this wooden support to hide it. Now screw the table to this support, (you will need to pre-drill holes so that you don't crack the wood) then fill the screw holes with wood filler and sand.

You are now ready to decorate this now with paint, whatever you choose. If it needs a lot of decorating, such as painting and fixing you could do this before you attach it to the wall.

But then you will still have to fill the screw holes with wood filler and touch up there. Another great option is to paint the table and the legs, and then add some decor or decoupage to the top and then get a piece of glass cut that will fit directly on top.

You now have that extra space in your hallway or entrance way or wherever you could use such a table, for keys and mail and you could put a nice lamp on it to.

This type of surface can be made from cheap kitchen or dining tables, and look stunning when they are done. By attaching them to the wall, they don't take up as much room as a regular one would, and you have recycled part of a table.

If you don't own any cheap kitchen tables, then consider scouring the garage sales and second hand stores for suitable tables that would work in your decor. You could get ones with really ornate legs that would work well if you like the antique look. You could also spend the time and refinish it, if it is good wood and would make a pleasing entrance piece.  Also see repurposed window frames and shutters for more great ideas.







if you decide to purchase one, this one takes up very little room.