If you are in a tough financial situation, you may be wondering how to request free money from millionaires that help people in need or the poor.  While you may not be simply able to write to them, contact the rich, just to have them send you cash, you may be able to raise funds for charity.  I suppose it would also be possible to get some cash your way to pay off some bills or start a business, depending on your situation and personal needs.  Let’s look at how you can get the wealthy to send you free money and how to request it from the millionaires giving it away.

Fund Raising

If you are looking to get some funds for a cause, you most likely have the best chance to get help from rich and famous people of the world out there.  If you are in this situation, it may help to check out sample letters to millionaires asking for charitable contributions.  You will find that some are willing to send free money if you are willing to request it.   Be sure that you are able to verify any and all data you send them.  Include your tax exempt info, just as proof, along with any newspaper clippings or other pieces of “proof” you may have that you are raising capital for a legitimate charitable purpose. 

If you are looking to get request free money from millionaires to help out those in need, it will serve as a tax write-off for the rich, so they may be more willing to accommodate you if you can provide proof or some publicity for them.  Since many of the rich and famous people giving out money are looking for publicity, it may help if you are willing to contact news media in exchange for their help.

For Someone You Know

It might be easier or at least make it seem more legitimate if you are requesting money from rich millionaires for a friend.  If this is being done free of any form of scam, it’s more likely to catch attention.  Since many people are touched by others looking to help out someone they know or love instead of for their own personal gain, it may be easier to get the help needed for a friend that needs some help or is very poor, but works hard.

Personal Use

If you want to get money from the rich free of charge and it’s for personal use, it is much harder to pull off.  There are many reasons you may want to request this sort of help from millionaires – paying off medical bills, loss of job or home, and many other reasons could all be legitimate purposes for contacting the rich for financial help.  If you decide to move forward and contact rich people giving away cash, be sure you include some good personal letters to the wealthy asking for financial help.  It could improve your chances of getting the assistance you need.

Ways To Request Money From Millionaires

If you are looking for free cash from the rich and famous people of the world, there are some things you will want to do to help them say yes to your needs.  Here are some steps you will want to take to ensure they are willing to assist you in your financial needs.

  • Lookup names of philanthropists giving away free money.  You will not find a shortage of rich and famous people that help the poor, but you will find that the unknown wealthy people of the world are harder to find.   Many help out the needy, but do not do it for publicity.  This makes finding the ones that are willing to help out harder to find.  Still, if you can find them, you can make your request to people you know have a history of helping others.
  • Decide how you will request the money from them.  It may be a good idea to use multiple methods to contact them.  In some cases, you will want to write the rich letters asking for help, while in other instances, you may want to simply blog about your needs online and hope to get noticed.  Some of the other things you may want to check out are cyber begging sites, leaving comments on blogs asking for financial help, or using services that can help you contact the wealthy millionaires to request free money from them.
  • Choose your words carefully.  When you are looking to get help from the rich billionaires of the world, you need to present yourself in a professional manner.  You want them to take notice of your or your cause and think of you as a legitimate person in need and not just someone looking for a handout from the wealthy.  It might be a good idea to have contact letters proofread and looked at by others, so you can get a feel for have effective they will be.
  • Make the contacts needed.  Whether you are posting on cyber begging sites or you decide to request free money from millionaires with letters, you need to actually take action to make sure it’s done. 
  • Track your responses.  If you try to contact rich people for cash, you will want to track what avenues work and what ones don’t.  So, if you get more leads when writing letters, put your future attempts in that same line.
  • Repeat as necessary.  You will need to work on this over time to have the best chances of getting help.

There are some common reasons people give away cash.  The rich and famous people in the world all do so for various reasons.  Regardless of the reason they are willing to help out the needy; you will find that getting them to notice you and respond to you is the hardest part of the whole process.  Be sure that you thank them for their time regardless of their willingness to help.  Just responding to you could be a big deal.  Now that you know how to request free money from millionaires, go out and do it.

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