For retaining and building reputation online there is a need to continually update, monitor and react on all your brand's conversations. To know who is talking about your brand is much important and Companies must need to response actively to blogs, twitter and Facebook updates that include their brand names and spoil their business.
Brand DevelopmentNow businesses, especially retail industry move to e-commerce. More and more online stores are launching and marketers put more emphasize on providing e-business solutions to customers. This all reduces or eliminates the physical barriers between countries. Customers can easily access any product/brand information online or shop for it and provide feedback. So it becomes so difficult for marketers to retain their brand's image due to consistent flow of responses from customers.
By adopting following strategies companies can overcome this problem and able to retain their brand image in the better way.

Make active online brand's presence – Raise your voice in every related online forum. write blogs and publish healthy articles. Tweet your brand's massage and allow people to follow you, interact with your stake holders through Facebook page and allow them to give feedback and suggestions.
- Monitor social media and online presence continually. There are lots of
online branding tools available that you can use. Google alerts is a great way to stay informed and comments on blog posts is for managing reputation.
- Other social media monitoring tools are including; Radian6, Brandwatch, Brandtology, Trackur, Socialmention, Topsy, and Boardreader. Some of which are paid tools and others are free. There are countless tools available for monitoring social media and public relations, the only need is the implementation.
- Start by setting Google alerts and developing twitter and Facebook accounts for your brand and then consistently work on these and steadily move to other tools.
- Response to every post you see from customers and other people. Try to develop active relationship with people and engage them in your business.
- It is hard to response every update/post made by people about your brand but try your best to make this possible. For getting better solution you can develop a separate department for online branding and social media activities.
Now days, branding is not limited to single approach like sitting in a room and planning for advertising strategies only. Customers even employees share comments/feelings about companies' brands they attach and show both positive and negative reactions. Be aware that one negative comment can spoil your identity, so think on it and also train your employees well who are responsible for social media activities and online branding strategies.
No strategies work best if implemented poorly. Must think Branding is the Philosophy of Changing Minds.