Text messaging is a way to communicate a brief message of text, audio or picture between two people using cell phones, iPods or computers. Text messaging can be used when voice communication is undesirable or impossible. Text messages are either sent by a texter, (the person sending the text) or received by the textee, (the person on the receiving end of the text message.) If your cell phone gets turned off before an impending text message is received by the textee the message will still be able to be retrieved. You must have an activated wireless service in order to receive a text message.

Things You Will Need

Cell Phone Service Provider

Cell Phone

Step 1

Remove the subscriber identity module, or the SIM card from the cell phone that is shut off. The SIM card should still remain intact if the cell phone is broken. The SIM card is located underneath the battery of the cell phone.

Step 2

Put the SIM card in a broadband telephony device or another cell phone that is currently activated by the same wireless provider in which your SIM card is activated. You may be asked to enter a pin or password after placing your SIM card into another phone. SIM cards and phone numbers are bound together by serial numbers. You will only be able to received text message for the phone number of the SIM card which you are using. You will not be able to receive text messages for a phone number which is not associated to the SIM card you are using. Some wireless carriers do not use removable SIM cards in cell phones.

Step 3

Take your cell phone to your wireless provider if you do not have a SIM card or are unable to remove it from your cell phone. Ask the cell phone carrier to retrieve the text messages you were not able to get before your cell phone was turned off. A wireless provider is the company which permits service to be sent to your cell phone.

The cell phone must confirm reception of the text message so that the wireless provider can send it to the phone. If a phone service is shut off, and you send a text message to someone, the message will appear when they reactivate service using the same phone number. The cell phone must be turned on and activated in order to send and receive a text message.

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