Its always important to do your best when writing a paper, and sometimes your best work comes from a lot of revision and checking!

Things You Will Need

Your essay

Red Pen

Step 1

Is the Scope of Information Enough to Cover the Subject?

After choosing your subject matter of an essay and completeing a rough draft, one must look over and consider the initial topic. The first question asked should be, " Is everything that was meant to explained, present somewhere within the context?", If there are any extra supporting points, now is the time to add them in. Secondly, consider the audience; is the language and vocabulary relelvant to the audience the essay is meant for.Lastly, consider the orgnaization of the content, the flow could be obscure enough to work against the content's purpose.

Step 2

Improve Organization.

Because organization of content is so important to the message of the content, this should also be addressed in the revision stages. Usually content is organized by chronological order, group related information, start with lesser important info and increase to the more important, or visa versa. This way there is a fluid stream of building information for the reader to comprehend.

Step 3

Unify and Transition Between Ideas.

At this point the essay information should be in a organized manner, however the information within each topic section must be organized as well. One must also use fluid transistions between sentences and wording. This will keep the reader smoothly continuing through the essay without confusion. Lastly, every sentence within a paragraph should relate to the topic sentence of the paragraph itself.

Step 4

Keep Language Consise and Unbias.

Its always best to use consise and appropriate language for the intended audience. Strictly adhere to the topic and personal bias should not effect the final outcome of the information presented in the essay.

Step 5

Proofread and Check for Appropriate Physical Appearance.

After the information is organized and written appropriately for the intended audience, its now ready for proofreading. The writer or someone else should read over the essay for mistakes in grammar or misspellings, they should be marked for revision in teh final copy. Also check the format of the essay, depending on the audience and environment this information will be presented; it should look accordingly. Indent every paragraph, double space, and use proper citations if needed.

Revision Personal Experience

So I just completed a 7 page business proposal for my business writing class. I am not the most successful writer when it comes to school essay's, but I learned a few tips that I found useful-and someone else may too!

First of all, no matter how little time you have, make a general outline of your information! I like to rush right into writing my paper, but by taking just ten minutes to organize my inormation in an outline-writing my paper became SO much easier and fluid.

Secondly, even though I had an outline, I would always think of different ideas to add into my essay-and the end result meant my essay was confusing and off-n-on topic throughout. So, one of my classmates said that they keep a tablet nearby to write down any stray thoughts that come to mind. This keeps me from forgetting good points, AND keeps me from throwing unorganized facts into my already-orgnaized paper.

Even though its not much, it sure made a WORLD of difference for me!! If anyone else has any good tips for writing leave a comment!!

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