The neverending battle between you and cockroaches in your apartment continues. No matter what you do, they always come back. They feed on anything and they never seem to die. When you do kill one, another hundred have hatched. Let's see what we could do to get rid of roaches the best we can.

Things You Will Need

- Cleaning Supplies
- Broom, Mop, Vacuum
- Combat Roach Traps
- Boric Acid
- Roach Spray

Step 1

Clean EVERYTHING. Literally. Pick up all food out in the open. Wash the dishes and make sure there is no food chunks in the drain. Sweep up dirt and crumbs from the floor, and mop or Swiffer them after. Vacuum carpets and furniture for loose dust and hair. Wipe down all counters and appliances. You might as well do the laundry too while your at it. Be thorough.

Step 2

Hire an exterminator. This is optional. If you have a really bad roach problem, or if you don't mind the cost, it's an option to consider.

Step 3

Buy boric acid. You should be able to get it at pharmacies. Mix some with flour and sugar (or cocoa powder). If you want to make a paste, then add some water too. Use this mixture to seal and openings where roaches most likely come from. Common places are dark, warm and humid, such as under sinks and near pipes.

Step 4

Place roach traps all over your apartment. Start with the common places they show up and where they might be. Then put more all over to cover the whole apartment. I'd say place at least 20.

Step 5

Get roach spray as a backup weapon. I don't really need to use this, as the other steps are enough to prevent roaches from roaming about, and if I see one, I hit it with a shoe. However, it may be good to have some if you have slow reflexes (those buggers are quick!)
That should do it. Make sure to keep up a clean environment and make the roach poison their primary food source. You do not want these critters running freely around your apartment. They contain allergens that could be harmful to humans. They also contain a plethora of disease and bacteria. You may not be able to eradicate them, but you can do a lot to prevent them from ever appearing.

Tips & Warnings